Over Eating Stress And The Modern World

Over Eating Stress And The Modern World

There mere fact that the​ term,​ “comfort food” exists is​ proof enough that eating certain foods is​ good for relieving stress. Whether it​ is​ some sort of​ psychopharmacological thing,​ something connected to​ mental health and memories,​ or​ an​ evolutionary instinct,​ the​ fact is​ that eating is​ effective stress relief. However,​ when one considers all the​ stress and anxiety that gets tossed around in​ modern society,​ it​ isn't surprising to​ learn that the​ weight loss pill market is​ on​ a​ steady increase. Indeed,​ as​ people are put under more and more stress,​ with less and less time to​ find stress relief for it,​ food becomes an​ increasingly tempting option. Sure,​ stress and anxiety are not the​ only factors behind the​ increasing number of​ people with obesity,​ but it​ does have to​ take some of​ the​ flak.

People look to​ food as​ a​ cost-effective means of​ stress relief,​ mainly because a​ number of​ modern environments simply don't allow for a​ significant amount of​ time to​ relax. For example,​ in​ those high-stress corporate environments,​ people tend to​ have very little time to​ spare between getting to​ work,​ actually working,​ and their duties outside of​ work. to​ avoid allowing the​ stress to​ build and become a​ danger to​ them or​ the​ people around them,​ they do the​ one stress relief activity that they can do. a​ little candy bar here or​ some potato chips there can be enough to​ get a​ person's mind through the​ stress and anxiety of​ a​ typical work day. However,​ when one develops a​ dependence on​ these things to​ relieve stress,​ then there is​ going to​ be an​ eventual need for a​ weight loss pill or​ diet plan.

It isn't just the​ corporate workplace and the​ employees within it​ that end up eating a​ little too much “comfort food,​” however. as​ stated in​ a​ number of​ books,​ such as​ “Perfect Madness: Motherhood in​ the​ Age of​ Anxiety,​” shows,​ mothers also have to​ deal with the​ problem. Between the​ stress of​ having to​ keep a​ handle on​ active children and the​ duties that mothers have to​ perform,​ there is​ plenty of​ room for the​ average mother to​ binge a​ little. This can be especially true in​ suburban environments,​ where there is​ often a​ subtle competition between housewives that puts a​ lot of​ undue stress and anxiety on​ mother and child alike.

Children can also sometimes fall victim to​ over-eating “comfort foods.” With so much pressure on​ children to​ succeed on​ all possible levels,​ there's plenty of​ stress and anxiety to​ go around. the​ problem lies in​ the​ fact that children nowadays are subjected by their parents to​ all manner of​ time-consuming extra-curricular activities,​ with even the​ slightest potential becoming something that could be “developed.” Parents tend to​ be well-meaning in​ cutting down on​ the​ playing time of​ their children,​ as​ all of​ these activities are designed to​ help them succeed. However,​ there comes a​ time when children will need to​ be given time to​ be children. Stress and anxiety are things that the​ mental health of​ a​ child is​ not fully capable of​ handling,​ such that any form of​ stress relief can be seen as​ acceptable. For most,​ succumbing to​ peer pressure or​ playing video games can do the​ trick,​ but a​ few others end up turning into binge eaters.

Over-eating due to​ stress and anxiety is​ not an​ all-encompassing problem yet,​ but statistics show that it​ is​ getting there. as​ competition in​ the​ workplace,​ stress in​ the​ home,​ and the​ pressure to​ succeed compounds with each generation,​ more and more people are going to​ need effective,​ quick stress relief. Pressed for time to​ find ample ways to​ relax,​ food can often be the​ only viable option available to​ them.

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