Organize Your Move And Reduce Your Stress

Organize your Move and Reduce your Stress
Moving can be a​ very stressful and nerve-wracking experience .​
But with some careful planning and by thinking ahead a​ little,​ you​ can make the​ process go a​ bit smoother .​
Create a​ simple record keeping system .​
Whether it's computer-generated or​ hand written,​ be very specific when recording things on​ this list .​
You'll probably need many more boxes thank you​ think,​ and having enough boxes will make your life easier .​
If you​ go through a​ moving company,​ keep in​ mind that any boxes you​ purchase but don't use can be returned for a​ credit or​ refund .​
Have at​ least ten boxes set aside to​ use for last minute items on​ moving day,​ such as​ bedding,​ clothing,​ and cleaning supplies .​
You'll need strong plastic packing tape to​ close up the​ boxes securely .​
Use unprinted newsprint or​ packing paper or​ bubble wrap to​ wrap and cushion household good .​
Again,​ you'll need lots more supplies than you​ think,​ so get extra .​
Moving companies will be happy to​ deliver boxes ahead of​ your moving day .​
Designate a​ color for each room in​ the​ new home,​ such as​ yellow for kitchen,​ orange for dining room and so forth .​
Apply colored stickers on​ the​ box near the​ box number .​
In your new home,​ place a​ matching sticker on​ the​ door to​ each room .​
This is​ a​ simple way for the​ movers to​ know where to​ put everything when they arrive .​
Insist on​ keeping things together when you​ or​ the​ movers are packing boxes .​
Keep bookends with books,​ light bulbs with lamps,​ and extension cords with appliances .​
Small,​ loose parts can be attached to​ the​ item they belong to​ with tape or​ placed in​ small envelopes -- to​ keep picture hooks with pictures,​ shelf brackets with a​ bookcase,​ a​ special wrench and bolts with the​ wall unit .​
Anything you​ can pack ahead will save you​ time on​ moving day .​
If it's summer,​ get your winter clothes out of​ the​ way .​
If you​ must clean your old place after moving out,​ put together a​ kit of​ basic cleaning supplies and rags .​
Moving companies will not move cleaning chemicals,​ so plan to​ transport those with you​ in​ your vehicle or​ give them to​ a​ neighbor or​ friend .​

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