One Of The Top Luxury Phuket Resorts Is The Racha Koh Racha Yai

When we​ booked the​ Racha we​ were told it​ was one of​ the​ top luxury Phuket resorts,​ but having been there I am certain it​ is​ the​ tops of​ the​ luxury Phuket Resorts.

I had been looking for cheap deals on​ Phuket Hotels,​ or​ a​ Phuket vacation package to​ a​ nice hotel,​ when literally by chance I came upon the​ Racha.

The idea took my fancy immediately,​ and we​ made some more enquiries and booked to​ go.

We were very impressed when we​ arrived at​ Phuket airport where we​ were picked up by a​ huge Mercedes and taken to​ a​ special Racha lounge,​ where we​ checked in​ prior to​ a​ 30 minute or​ so boat ride to​ the​ Hotel. I must be slow on​ the​ uptake,​ because it​ was really only then that I realised the​ Racha is​ in​ fact on​ an​ island called Koh Racha Yai!! it​ is​ very worthwhile checking the​ arrival of​ your flight,​ and the​ departure of​ the​ boat,​ because we​ knew other guests who had to​ wait a​ couple of​ hours in​ the​ lounge,​ whilst more by accident than design we​ were there for only a​ few minutes.

As to​ the​ resort itself,​ it​ is​ certainly beautifully presented,​ a​ beautiful place on​ a​ beautiful beach. It’s worth getting a​ villa up the​ hill,​ because there isn’t any passing traffic,​ and it​ feels very private even when you are sitting outside,​ and the​ views are pretty good too!! the​ inside of​ the​ villa is​ very minimalistic,​ but I did enjoy the​ outside shower. the​ standards of​ cleanliness were superb,​ there always seemed to​ be staff arriving to​ clean up behind us,​ and always with a​ smile on​ their faces.

The infinity pool is​ quite amazing especially at​ dusk,​ and unlike other places we​ have been the​ photographs didn’t do the​ resort justice.

I had read complaints about the​ service,​ but in​ our experience it​ was faultless,​ and everything with a​ smile,​ nothing being too much trouble.

We particularly enjoyed the​ breakfasts,​ with just about everything you can think of,​ I just wish guests wouldn’t slyly slip rolls and cold meats into their beach bags to​ eat later. in​ a​ hotel of​ this quality that is​ not on.

Meals were expensive,​ however within a​ brisk five minute walk if​ you choose you can find cheap and lovely inexpensive local restaurants.

The beach wasn’t always deserted,​ and we​ Westerners tend to​ forget that all beaches in​ Thailand have public access. if​ you don’t like it,​ and it​ never lasts more than a​ few hours,​ there are beautiful and secluded beaches not far away.

All in​ all we​ had a​ great time,​ did nothing,​ but then again,​ there wasn’t much to​ do anyway,​ and generally just unwound.

Having not yet experienced other resorts in​ Phuket,​ they will have to​ be pretty good to​ be better than the​ Racha on​ Koh Racha Yai,​ definitely one of​ the​ top luxury Phuket resorts in​ my book anyway.

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