On Not Being Stressed Out

On Not Being Stressed Out
The one thing that virtually all baby boomers have in​ common is​ the​ stress of​ living in​ this modern age. So much has changed for baby boomers since they first enjoyed those days of​ youth culture when hairstyle and rock music seemed like the​ most important things in​ the​ world. But,​ like all generations before them and to​ come,​ baby boomers had to​ grow up and take on​ the​ responsibilities of​ raising a​ family,​ making a​ living and figuring out their place in​ this big complicated world.

Stress comes from a​ lot of​ sources. Obviously,​ we get it​ from work. We think of​ the​ work place as​ a​ source of​ stress because it​ is​ a​ place where making a​ living is​ paramount and there are daily demands,​ deadlines and schedules to​ be met. in​ addition,​ most of​ us have to​ deal with at​ least some difficult people during our workdays,​ which only compounds the​ stress.

But stresses don’t end when we walk out of​ our workplace. Traffic itself can be a​ stress. Then the​ joys of​ raising children and marriage can also bring some trials with them as​ well. it​ is​ common to​ return home from a​ difficult day only to​ face serious problems at​ home. in​ this situation,​ it​ seems that the​ stress and anxiety just keep mounting up.

This is​ not the​ adult life most baby boomers envisioned in​ their youth days when they were idealistic and the​ world was their oyster. But nobody told us that the​ reason the​ oyster is​ so beautiful is​ because it​ creates stress on​ the​ clam who copes with it​ by covering it​ with the​ smooth oyster material. So stress can build us up and make something beautiful. But it​ can also tear us down and lead to​ serious medical and mental problems if​ we don’t develop some coping techniques to​ deal with it. 

Some good coping mechanisms that many baby boomers have found helpful to​ defray the​ stress in​ their lives include…

. Get away from it. to​ put the​ cares of​ the​ world in​ perspective,​ we have to​ get away from them for a​ while. if​ nothing else,​ just soaking in​ a​ hot bathtub with a​ good magazine and some happy music can wash away the​ cares of​ the​ world and let them swirl down the​ drain with the​ bubbles. But look for chances to​ relax and put those worries aside for a​ little bit. it​ will help you​ calm your mind,​ rest your system and be ready to​ deal with those issues without so much anxiety,​ which doesn’t do anybody any good.

. Partner with your family. Your spouse and children don’t want to​ see you​ stressed out. But sometimes they don’t know how much they add to​ the​ problems when they throw the​ problems of​ the​ day at​ you​ as​ soon as​ you​ walk through the​ door. It’s good for them to​ see the​ world through your eyes. But remember that they are stressed with school or​ issues of​ work and relationships too. So partner together to​ have a​ little time to​ just be family and love away that anxiety. Everybody will be better for it.

. Take time for health. Its strange but our diet and rest are the​ things we need the​ most to​ cope with stress and yet those are the​ areas of​ life that are most damaged if​ we let stress wear us down. So go back to​ basics and make sure you​ get good meals,​ good rest and take care of​ yourself. it​ will make you​ a​ better worker and stronger for your family as​ well.

Seeing stress as​ a​ serious enemy to​ your lifestyle above and beyond the​ causes of​ stress is​ a​ big step forward to​ not letting this enemy continue to​ damage your ability to​ be a​ good worker and family member. But if​ you​ take action to​ keep stress from dominating your life,​ you​ are doing something very good for yourself and making yourself more able to​ attack problems and solve them with the​ creativity and intelligence people know you​ for.

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