Ol Malo The Perfect Luxury African Safari Lodge In Laikipia Kenya

Ol-Malo or​ 'The Place of​ the​ Greater Kudu' the​ perfect Luxury African Safari Lodge is​ set in​ a​ 5000 acre ranch and game sanctuary along the​ Uaso Nyiro River,​ overlooked by the​ massive snow covered Mount Kenya in​ the​ background,​ and it​ overlooks the​ Mukagodo home of​ the​ nomadic Ndorobo people.

It consists of​ four very luxurious guest cottages built out of​ natural rock with thatched roofs,​ and a​ separate living area and dining room,​ both with fireplaces,​ necessary in​ this part of​ Kenya.

Each cottage has huge windows to​ enhance the​ truly wonderful views,​ as​ well as​ overlooking the​ water hole and salt lick,​ and the​ regular wildlife that comes to​ visit.

All around is​ the​ Bush,​ and there is​ a​ beautiful freeform swimming pool which has incredible views of​ the​ valley below.

Ol-Malo was built by the​ Francombes who were both born and raised in​ Kenya,​ and they both knew exactly what was required when they built it,​ and how they wanted it​ to​ be.

Game Drives,​ Bush breakfasts,​ escorted walks,​ night game drives,​ sundowners,​ hideouts all feature at​ lodges and camps,​ and everyone on​ an​ in​ Kenya Safari,​ and a​ luxry Africa Safari will have tried some if​ not all.

Ol-Malo moves to​ the​ beat of​ a​ different drum altogether because of​ the​ vision of​ the​ Francombes.

Without apparent effort you will move in​ Africa time,​ totally controlled by sunrise and sunset,​ it​ will be as​ if​ the​ real world doesn’t exist anymore,​ and you may find yourself viewing the​ abundant game from much closer than a​ safari vehicle. You could be high on​ a​ camel,​ on​ horseback,​ or​ on​ a​ mountain bike if​ you choose.

One thing is​ certain you will almost certainly see and get close to​ game that is​ so protected and undisturbed by human contact,​ they come to​ Ol-Malo as​ a​ place of​ security and safety. You will almost certainly view Elephant,​ Giraffe,​ Leopard,​ Lion,​ Hyena,​ Common Zebra,​ and the​ rare Grevy’s Zebra,​ more endangered than the​ Rhino.

At night you will return to​ perhaps a​ dusk swim,​ watching perhaps a​ herd of​ Elephant arriving at​ the​ waterhole,​ absolutely memorable cuisine,​ and perhaps a​ night in​ the​ game hide watching Leopards close up but in​ total safety.

Ole-Malo is​ different,​ very different,​ and an​ unmissable place to​ visit on​ your in​ Kenya Safari,​ and more than that very high on​ anyone’s list of​ Luxury African safari destinations..

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