Of All The Turks Caicos Luxury Resorts My Favourite Is Amanyara Resort

Of All The Turks Caicos Luxury Resorts My Favourite Is Amanyara Resort Providenciales

Of all the​ Turks & Caicos Luxury Resorts My Favourite is​ Amanyara Resort Providenciales. Indeed it​ is​ at​ the​ top of​ my list for all the​ Caribbean islands luxury resorts

Amanyara Resort Providenciales on​ the​ Turks & Caicos Islands is​ unusual in​ terms of​ luxury resorts because if​ anything it​ is​ better than all the​ publicity surrounding it. I had often thought about taking a​ vacation to​ the​ Turks and Caicos,​ having stayed in​ many of​ the​ top Caribbean islands luxury resorts many times,​ and there are some amazing resorts to​ choose from,​ but I knew instinctively that it​ was the​ Amanyara Resort that was going to​ be the​ one for me.

Well the​ experience was a​ total wow!!!

To be met at​ the​ airport,​ as​ we​ were by Max ,​ is​ such a​ personal touch,​ and it​ creates the​ right impression which was only increased when we​ arrived at​ Amanyara after a​ bumpy ride,​ by the​ manager,​ drinks and cold towels. This wonderful place is​ certainly not on​ a​ main highway,​ but the​ trip to​ the​ resort,​ and the​ first sight of​ it,​ just added to​ that wonderful feeling that we​ had got our choice right.

Our pavilion was quite frankly out of​ this world. There is​ only one room in​ each pavilion,​ and it​ is​ actually one large room with a​ teak wood screen dividing the​ ‘bedroom’ from the​ bath area. Three of​ the​ walls are floor to​ ceiling glass that opens to​ the​ elements. There are also electronically controlled blinds which is​ just so cool,​ and enough foliage for privacy. the​ shower is​ fantastic a​ real rain overhead shower,​ and double wash hand basins. Also there is​ tons of​ storage space,​ and a​ minibar with complimentary soft drinks and beers.

One bit of​ advice is​ to​ get a​ beach pavilion,​ because you have your own bit of​ private beach,​ and generally they are a​ lot more private and the​ view is​ more attractive.

The food in​ both the​ restaurant and the​ beach club was excellent,​ and also very creative. Hotel food can be bland,​ this wasn’t.

Finally the​ main reason that of​ all the​ Turks & Caicos Luxury Resorts,​ indeed of​ all the​ Caribbean islands luxury resorts my favourite is​ Amanyara Resort Providenciales is​ because they just seemed so pleased that you had chosen their hotel,​ and you were always treated that way.

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