Occupational Stress Management

There are many people in​ the​ world who can not stand where they work. Their occupation causes them no end of​ stress and can leave them struggling to​ get to​ sleep at​ night. There are also many days taken off sick through stress related illnesses. it​ is​ now time for people to​ deal with these issues and to​ start to​ react in​ a​ more positive and proactive way.

In the​ past I have worked for companies whose employees have made my life unbearable. These so called colleagues were very bitchy,​ hanged around in​ various clans and would stab people in​ the​ back at​ regular intervals. at​ times I would even dread going to​ work and would feel sick whilst travelling to​ my office.

I would return home feeling very drained and would have little energy to​ do anything in​ the​ evenings. I would then decide to​ go to​ bed early but would basically just lay their worrying about the​ next day. This could last for hours on​ end and at​ times would last all of​ the​ night.

I have read that plenty of​ sleep is​ a​ good way at​ reducing levels of​ stress,​ the​ question is,​ how does one get to​ sleep in​ the​ first place?

When I did have the​ energy to​ socialise with family or​ friends,​ the​ fear of​ going to​ work would end up ruining the​ night and would stop me from enjoying myself. I felt sorry for the​ people I was with and hoped that I did not ruin their night as​ well.

For whatever reason I did not have the​ confidence to​ tell people about the​ problems I had and kept it​ bottled up to​ myself. This I now realise was a​ mistake and I have since learnt to​ talk about any issues that I have.

For all the​ stress I had to​ endure,​ I certainly was not paid enough. the​ people who I worked with,​ including the​ team leaders,​ did not treat me with as​ much respect as​ I felt I deserved. This period was a​ very unhappy stage of​ my life and my health started to​ become affected.

I wanted to​ leave this company a​ lot earlier than the​ time that I eventually did,​ the​ problem was that I did not feel that I could afford to. I decided to​ save up enough money over a​ period of​ about six months so that I could then make my escape. at​ the​ same time I started to​ look at​ finding alternative work and thought long and hard about which career path I wanted to​ take.

On the​ day that I left this job,​ I will never forget my journey home. I could not stop smiling,​ I was so relieved that this nightmare was over once and for all.

I am happy to​ let you​ know that I have not found myself in​ a​ similar situation since. There may well be a​ time in​ the​ future of​ course when I do and if​ this ever happens to​ me again I am determined to​ leave a​ lot quicker than I did before. Life is​ to​ short to​ spend living in​ the​ way that I had.

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