Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits Lawyers

Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits Lawyers

With more and more of​ the​ United States population aging,​ nursing home and elderly communities are constantly expanding to​ help accommodate more patients. Tragically however,​ nursing home abuse of​ the​ elderly is​ becoming one of​ the​ most widespread crimes in​ America. Nursing home patients are vulnerable from many types of​ abuse ranging from physical violence to​ theft of​ property.

Many common types of​ nursing home abuse cases have been caused by under qualified and inexperienced staff members. Employees are sometimes unable to​ handle certain situations and have been known to​ take out their frustrations on​ residents of​ the​ nursing homes. Studies show that over half of​ the​ suspicious deaths researched in​ nursing homes might have been causes by neglect or​ negligence including dehydration and malnutrition.

Because of​ conditions such as​ dementia and Alzheimer’s,​ older adults are very vulnerable to​ abuse. History of​ domestic violence may also make certain seniors more susceptible to​ abuse in​ a​ nursing home.

Placing a​ loved one in​ a​ nursing home can be one of​ the​ most difficult decisions a​ loved one is​ forced to​ make. Often times this decision is​ very emotional,​ and not thought out entirely. When you enroll a​ loved one into a​ nursing home you are entrusting the​ caregivers with more than just money. You are entrusting them with a​ life of​ a​ loved one. in​ the​ event that a​ loved one has been victimized by the​ actions of​ a​ nursing home employee,​ it​ is​ your duty and right to​ seek legal attention. a​ compassionate,​ experienced nursing home abuse lawyer can help you understand your legal rights and guide you towards an​ appropriate course of​ action.

In addition to​ common types of​ nursing home abuse,​ there are also several other types of​ abuse. Mental,​ physical,​ neglect and exploitation are all other forms of​ abuse that can happen in​ nursing homes. Mental abuse can include fear,​ depression,​ withdrawal,​ behavior changes,​ weird behavior patterns,​ unwillingness to​ communicate and specific complains by the​ resident. Physical abuse can include cuts,​ burns,​ bruises,​ swelling,​ broken bones,​ restraints and other wounds. Neglect can include bed sores,​ smells of​ urine and feces,​ unkempt appearance,​ untreated medical conditions and other complaints. Explotation / Financial abuse can be the​ selling of​ property,​ missing or​ stolen property and specific complaints by the​ resident.

Many times a​ loved one has been a​ victim of​ the​ terrible and inhumane actions of​ a​ nursing home employee or​ supervisors. if​ this is​ the​ case,​ it’s your main concern to​ seek immediate and experienced medical treatment and then contact a​ lawyer. With such emotional conditions,​ it​ is​ often times very hard to​ remember the​ legal rights that the​ victim of​ the​ abuse has. the​ first step in​ pursuing your neglect case is​ to​ contact a​ qualified attorney. They will determine whether or​ not a​ legal claim should be made and whether or​ not the​ case should even be pursued. Contact an​ attorney today.

Nursing Home Abuse Lawsuits Lawyers

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