Niche Website Marketing Tool Myriad Search Authority Finder

Niche Website Marketing Tool Myriad Search Authority Finder

It is​ widely accepted that major search engines,​ such as​ Google,​ Yahoo! and MSN,​ place a​ very high importance on​ inbound links from authority websites.

The fastest way for a​ new niche website to​ get in​ all the​ major search engine indexes is​ to​ acquire links from 'expert' websites. Links from relevant authority websites can get your site in​ the​ Big Three indexes literally overnight.

Although,​ asking those sites for links is​ almost pointless,​ you​ can provide an​ article or​ participate in​ the​ site's forum and embed a​ link to​ your website into your article byline or​ forum signature,​ that is​ a​ common practice. Be unique,​ have something worth saying.

But how to​ find authority websites for your niche?

Myriad Search Authority Finder is​ a​ relatively new meta search engine by Aaron Wall (SEO Book) designed primarily to​ help find authoritative websites for your keywords. Want to​ know which websites rank well for your niche key phrase? Myriad Search will show you,​ presenting search results with their relative rankings from Google,​ Yahoo,​ MSN and

The output of​ Authority Finder is​ in​ %. For a​ site to​ have 100% authority it​ would need to​ rank #1 in​ all four engines. you​ can then use these results to​ locate sites consistently rated as​ authorative across search engines,​ based on​ the​ keyword string being searched for.

Let's jump right in​ and find out the​ most valuable websites for keyword phrase 'dog training' as​ an​ example of​ using the​ Myriad Search.

If you​ have the​ Virtual Real Estate Toolbar installed,​ simply enter 'dog training' into the​ toolbar's search box. if​ you​ don’t have the​ VRE Toolbar installed,​ go to​ the​ Myriad website (,​ enter the​ phrase into the​ search box and press Search.

Wait a​ moment while it​ scans the​ search engines,​ and now you​ have a​ list of​ 'expert' websites to​ work with. you​ can save the​ search results in​ a​ CSV (comma separated values) file.

Let's analyze the​ Myriad results for 'dog training'.

#1 is​ This site is​ #1 in​ Google,​ #6 in​ Yahoo! and #3 in​ a​ valuable .edu website,​ that has links to​ commercial products. if​ you​ have a​ quality relevant product,​ you​ can try to​ acquire a​ link from them.

#2 is​ They are #7 in​ Google,​ #10 in​ Yahoo! and #1 in​ There are forums you​ can participate in. There are links to​ websites with dog training related articles.

#3 is​ - #2 in​ Yahoo! and #2 in​ MSN - you​ can submit your article in​ their Articles section.

#4 is​ - #3 in​ Google and #2 in​ - has a​ forum; has links to​ other dog training products and websites.

#5 is​ - #8 in​ Google,​ #18 in​ Yahoo! and #6 in​ - has an​ e-mail discussion list and news bulletins for members.

and so on…

As you​ can see,​ there is​ an​ opportunity to​ get one-way links from authority websites for your niche. And the​ Myriad Search Authority Finder is​ a​ great tool to​ identify those expert websites.

Niche Website Marketing Tool Myriad Search Authority Finder

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