New York Luxury Car Service Its Not Just Stretch Limos Anymore

New York Luxury Car Service Its Not Just Stretch Limos Anymore

Having lived in​ New York,​ I've always been fascinated by limos. I'd look at​ those gleaming stretched Cadillacs and Lincolns with their uniformed drivers and wonder who was sitting inside behind that black-tinted glass. New York limousines seemed the​ epitome of​ luxury floating in​ a​ sea of​ lesser cars and grungy yellow cabs. Later I got to​ ride in​ limos myself and found the​ experience everything I expected it​ to​ be. There's nothing like it​ if​ you want to​ get places in​ style,​ safely and reliably.

When most people think of​ luxury car service,​ they think of​ stretch limos,​ elegant black sedans with room for six to​ ten people. Those still dominate most limo fleets in​ New York City and elsewhere,​ but they are no longer all that is​ available. These days the​ leading limo services also offer luxury cars,​ Sports Utility Vehicles,​ specially equipped vans and buses,​ and armored vehicles (and some have even branched out into jet fleet service!).

Why did they do that? it​ was not to​ replace the​ traditional stretch limo but rather to​ complement it​ with a​ variety of​ vehicle options suited for different assignments and services.

For example,​ typical New York limos attract attention wherever they go,​ even in​ a​ city that has seen it​ all. That is​ part of​ the​ limo appeal and part of​ what makes a​ limo special. However,​ there are times when some customers would rather blend in​ without giving up on​ luxury. For that reason limo services may offer regular American or​ German luxury sedans,​ like an​ S-Class Mercedes or​ a​ BMW 750.

Sports Utility Vehicles are not only very popular,​ they are also well equipped to​ handle potholes and swallow lots of​ luggage. Limo services quickly realized that and began adding SUVs and stretched SUVs to​ their fleets. the​ premier NYC car services offer both standard and extended versions of​ the​ Lincoln Navigator and the​ Cadillac Escalade. These seat up to​ seven passengers.

Perhaps the​ ultimate attention getters these days are Stretch SUVs. the​ Cadillac Stretch ESV seats up to​ 18! For a​ more rugged look,​ and guaranteed to​ turn heads anywhere,​ there's the​ Stretch Hummer. This is​ perhaps the​ wildest ride available anywhere. Looking tough and invincible outside,​ the​ inside of​ a​ Stretch Hummer may be configured to​ transport up to​ 20 people,​ or​ set up like an​ exclusive,​ exotic nightclub. There may be hardwood floors,​ multiple large flat-screen TVs,​ real aquariums,​ luxurious bars,​ mood lighting and ultra-comfortable seating. the​ sky's truly the​ limit.

For somewhat less conspicuous transportation,​ NYC car services offer luxuriously equipped standard vans that can transport up to​ 14 passengers,​ and spacious limo buses for up to​ 20. These vans and buses generally offer more space and attract less attention than regular limos or​ other stretched vehicles. Inside,​ depending on​ the​ service to​ be provided,​ they may offer simple,​ comfortable transportation,​ all out luxury,​ or​ a​ combination of​ both.

Bottom line is​ that New York limo service is​ not just limos anymore. It's a​ range of​ luxury vehicle transportation suitable for anything from airport commute to​ business entertainment to​ sightseeing and special occasions like weddings or​ anniversaries. So treat yourself,​ your customers,​ your friends and your business associates to​ something special!

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