New Website Marketing Made Easy

New Website Marketing Made Easy
Often new website owners ask me how to​ get traffic to​ their new creation .​
Some have been known to​ stare at​ their computer in​ an​ attempt to​ will visitors to​ the​ site .​
The truth is,​ the​ Internet is​ evolving every second of​ every day .​
And with that,​ it​ becomes more difficult to​ establish a​ viable presence—or does it? Follow these easy steps and carve your slice of​ the​ cyber pie.
Step One: Preparation
Before going out to​ proclaim the​ glory that is​ your website,​ first make sure it’s in​ tiptop shape .​
Was your website carefully and professionally constructed? That includes content copy .​
It’s vital that your copy (the text on​ your website) be written well,​ including a​ logical flow,​ clarity,​ good sentence structure,​ wise word choices and proper grammar/punctuation .​
Studies reveal the​ average Internet visitor is​ getting more sophisticated and expects features,​ such as​ proper language use (whether English or​ another language) .​
Fail in​ this area and you’ll lose business .​
It’s that plain and simple .​
Now that your copy is​ humming,​ how is​ your search engine optimization? Did you​ at​ least look into some basics? Search Engine Optimization is​ the​ act of​ making your website search engine friendly and more likely to​ appear under the​ keyword phrases appealing to​ your targeted audience .​
While it​ can be a​ complex process,​ the​ basics should include having your pages search engine friendly,​ containing some keywords to​ attract your target audience .​
Once these two components are satisfactory,​ you’re ready for the​ next step.
Step Two: Links
Your website needs links .​
Today,​ even a​ simple link exchange can be complicated .​
Many website owners don’t want to​ reciprocate links with a​ new website .​
So how can you​ advance if​ you​ can’t get links? Thankfully,​ there are alternative solutions .​
When you’re first starting out,​ don’t spend too much time trying to​ find websites willing to​ link with you​ .​
Instead,​ work on​ establishing yourself first.
Today’s Internet world revolves around content .​
Website owners across the​ globe are just waiting for free content from people like you​ .​
So the​ best way to​ gain links to​ your website in​ bunches is​ by providing content to​ other websites—also known as​ promotional articles .​
These articles offer other website owners something of​ value .​
The result? Your new website receives many one-way links from other websites easily .​
Naturally,​ your article needs to​ be written well to​ succeed .​
Simply throwing words down on​ paper doesn’t cut it .​
The better your article is​ written,​ the​ more it​ will appeal to​ website owners .​
In the​ end,​ you’ll glean more worldwide coverage,​ which is​ what you​ want .​
Not a​ writer? No problem .​
You can visit and have promotional articles professionally crafted for you​ .​
Simply slap your name on​ them and away you​ go .​
And even if​ you’ve written your own article,​ I​ strongly suggest using their editorial service .​
As every good writer knows,​ all writing should be professionally reviewed and polished by a​ savvy editor before publication.
Step Three: Promotional Articles & Repetition
If possible,​ you​ want to​ release a​ few promotional articles,​ at​ the​ very least .​
Timing is​ important .​
For example,​ if​ all you​ have is​ three articles currently,​ space their release .​
Don’t release them all at​ once .​
Promotional Articles can be fast acting .​
Yet,​ it​ really depends on​ the​ market the​ article is​ geared toward and how well it​ is​ written .​
I​ have seen my articles end up on​ other websites within hours of​ release.
Once released,​ the​ search engines will begin to​ pick up the​ fact your article is​ on​ other indexed websites .​
When this happens,​ your back links go up,​ which can continue for quite some time .​
Without a​ doubt,​ you’ll discover the​ process for releasing promotional article to​ the​ world quite simple .​
At my website,​,​ there is​ an​ article all about how to​ do this.
Step Four: Further Linking
Once you​ have allowed a​ little time to​ pass after step three,​ your website will begin to​ take hold .​
When it​ does,​ it’s time to​ seek solid links on​ other websites .​
Stick to​ websites that are either on​ the​ same topic or​ related .​
For example,​ if​ you​ owned a​ website that sold cheese,​ receiving a​ link from a​ website that sold motor oil wouldn’t be beneficial .​
However,​ receiving a​ link from a​ website about cheese or​ wine would.
As time permits,​ search for smaller websites in​ your field,​ then see if​ they sell advertising on​ their front page for a​ small fee .​
For example,​ one night I​ found a​ website,​ which was set up decently in​ the​ search engines and was on​ the​ same topic as​ one of​ my websites .​
The site offered a​ homepage text link for $2 per week .​
I​ not only received a​ nice link to​ help my search engine status,​ but a​ possibility for highly targeted traffic as​ well .​
The Internet is​ full of​ on-topic websites for you​ to​ locate for potential profitability.
That’s a​ Wrap
By following this plan,​ you​ can significantly increase the​ staying power of​ your website .​
It really isn’t that complicated when you​ do things properly .​
is​ there more? you​ ask .​
Sure .​
For instance,​ you​ can purchase traffic from trusted PPC sources .​
This and other techniques are discussed in​ various articles,​ which are all available at​ .​
Once you​ master the​ art of​ opening a​ website properly,​ you’ll want to​ open up many more .​
Submit your articles to​
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