New Low Cost Jewels Make Luxury Affordable For All

New Low Cost Jewels Make Luxury Affordable For All
For centuries sparkling,​ beautiful jewels have been the​ sign of​ wealth and luxury the​ world over .​
Wearing quality jewelry makes just about everyone feel special and look better .​
Jewels have had such a​ long and lasting importance in​ our world that we​ give them as​ a​ sign of​ our most treasured possession -- a​ long-term relationship .​
Increasingly,​ wearing fine jewelry can be a​ noticeable sign of​ your success and achievement .​
Walk into a​ business meeting wearing an​ eye-catching ring,​ bracelet,​ or​ watch and your stature immediately rises as​ perceived by those around you .​
Your ideas seem more important and your power to​ prevail increases .​
Centuries ago only Kings and Queens could afford jewels .​
Even in​ recent years,​ only the​ well-healed could afford a​ nice selection of​ quality jewels .​
You could expect to​ pay anywhere from $800 to​ $5,​000 for a​ nice piece of​ jewelry .​
That meant either wiping out your retirement account or​ making monthly payments,​ sometimes for years .​
Today all that has changed for the​ better .​
Recent changes and discoveries in​ the​ jewelry market have made wearing fine jewelry more affordable than ever in​ history .​
Gold rings with genuine stones can now be purchased online and elsewhere for well under $100 .​
I​ recently found a​ genuine white gold diamond ring for just $129.99 .​
Another option that is​ used today to​ keep the​ costs affordable is​ to​ use a​ sterling silver base and coat it​ with gold .​
Prior to​ this method,​ the​ only affordable jewelry was to​ use sterling silver but it​ had the​ disadvantage of​ tarnishing .​
This new method offers many advantages .​
It does not tarnish because it​ is​ gold plated,​ it​ is​ more beautiful than sterling silver and it​ is​ certainly more affordable .​
Those kinds of​ prices put fine jewelry in​ a​ whole new light .​
For many of​ us,​ the​ $100 to​ $150 range falls into the​ realm of​ an​ easy purchase .​
You can buy it​ just because it​ makes you feel good without having any impact on​ your budget .​
New much lower jewelry prices mean you can have a​ different style or​ color of​ jewelry to​ go with each of​ your suits .​
You can have a​ several-piece collection of​ similar designs to​ go with each of​ your favorite dresses .​
Perhaps even more important,​ it's easy to​ give nice jewelry as​ a​ gift,​ even if​ for no other reason than you were just thinking how much you value the​ recipient.

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