New Law Threatens Big Fines For Calif Drivers

New Law Threatens Big Fines For Calif Drivers

New Law Threatens Big Fines For Calif .​
If you don't have auto insurance in​ California,​ you'd better hurry up and get some.
Starting October 1st,​ drivers in​ California have an​ additional reason to​ maintain their car insurance policies .​
The California DMV now has access to​ driver’s individual data showing whether motorists have let their policies lapse.
In the​ light of​ the​ new law,​ people are looking to​ find faster ways to​ get car insurance in​ a​ hurry to​ avoid the​ laws and penalties,​ especially through online sites.
Senator Jackie Spear,​ who wrote the​ bill,​ which goes into effect,​ says although California’s drivers laws already requires motorists to​ carry proof of​ insurance with them at​ all times when they drive,​ many motorists on​ the​ road still don’t.
People found a​ clever way around it .​
They would get insurance when they had to​ register their vehicle and a​ month later they would cancel it,​ Spears remarked.
The newly enacted bill now requires insurance companies in​ California to​ electronically report to​ the​ DMV who is​ buying liability insurance and who is​ canceling it .​
State and local law agencies will now have access to​ that insurance information during traffic stops,​ and will write up non-compliant drivers without a​ policy .​
Violators who do not have insurance at​ the​ time they are pulled over will face stiff fines.
They will be slapped with a​ $250 fee that,​ with enhancements,​ is​ almost $700 .​
Plus you're going to​ have to​ get auto insurance,​ so it's a​ sting of​ about $1000,​ Spear remarked during an​ interview with KCBS–TV in​ San Francisco.
The fear of​ these new fines,​ along with the​ rising costs of​ living,​ and the​ need to​ find ways to​ streamline personal expenses,​ are sending people online to​ find insurance due to​ its lower policy rates and overall convenience.,​ a​ national online insurance quote site,​ offers free,​ no-obligation auto insurance quotes that,​ on​ average,​ lowers the​ standard rates of​ a​ typical user by an​ average of​ $451 a​ year.
Senator Spear was also the​ writer of​ a​ 1996 bill that requires proof of​ liability insurance .​
She stated that since it's passed,​ the​ number of​ uninsured drivers in​ accidents has been reduced by 50 percent.

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