New Law Can Keep Marketplace Competitive

New Law Can Keep Marketplace Competitive

An act now before Congress could ensure the​ well-being of​ hundreds of​ small businesses-and help save consumers money. the​ Motor Vehicle Owners Right to​ Repair Act would offer owners greater choice in​ getting their vehicles serviced.

According to​ leaders of​ several national aftermarket associations,​ passage of​ the​ act is​ critical toward ensuring the​ affordability and convenience of​ maintaining vehicles for America's car owners.

"As independent auto repair shop owners,​ we​ are all concerned about the​ future of​ our businesses,​" said Pat Andersen,​ president of​ the​ Alliance of​ Automotive Service Providers. "One of​ the​ key factors keeping us in​ the​ business of​ repairing cars is​ access to​ all of​ the​ tools,​ software and repair information necessary to​ be able to​ test and repair all systems on​ modern automobiles. Passage of​ the​ Right to​ Repair Act will assure that all auto repair facilities and vehicle owners will always have equal access to​ the​ tools and repair information necessary to​ maintain and repair high-tech automobiles."

The Right to​ Repair Act would require the​ car companies to​ make the​ same service information and tool capabilities available to​ independent service providers that they make available to​ their franchised dealer networks. Car company trade secrets are protected unless that information is​ provided to​ the​ franchised new car dealer.

"Our members have been on​ the​ front line of​ this battle,​ repairing the​ vehicles,​ struggling on​ a​ daily basis with the​ repair information and programming question,​" said Paul Fiore,​ president of​ the​ Service Station Dealers of​ America. "They now view the​ bill as​ critical to​ their long-term survival and are very excited about the​ growing support."

Right to​ repair legislation is​ supported by a​ wide range of​ additional associations including the​ Alliance of​ State Automotive Aftermarket Associations,​ Automotive Aftermarket Industry Association,​ Automotive Parts Remanufacturers Association,​ Automotive Engine Rebuilders Association,​ Automotive Warehouse Distributors Association,​ Coalition for Auto Repair Equality and the​ Tire Industry Association. in​ addition,​ the​ legislation has the​ support of​ small-business groups such as​ the​ National Federation of​ Independent Business and consumer groups such as​ AAA.

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