New High End Luxury Condotels Planned In Cebu Philippines

New High End Luxury Condotels Planned In Cebu Philippines

New High End Luxury Condotels Planned in​ Cebu Philippines
Beth Collingz,​ PLC International Marketing Director,​ lead marketing partners for Lancaster Brand of​ Condotels in​ the​ Philippines,​ said the​ company's latest sale of​ condotel units drew not only overseas Filipinos but significant numbers of​ international buyers from Europe and Australia .​
Units in​ Lancaster Suites Manila are sold out whilst their latest project,​ Lancaster the​ Atrium at​ Shaw Boulevard,​ Metro Manila is​ 75% booked and range from studios to​ three-bedroom penthouse suites with full kitchens .​
We now have demand from our clients for new,​ luxury high end condotel development in​ Cebu Collingz said .​
Owners of​ Lancaster condotel units can arrange to​ stay in​ their units and they share 60% of​ any rental income .​
The Lancaster Atrium together with the​ soon completed and upcoming operations of​ Lancaster Suites Manila,​ one of​ the​ hottest real estate investments in​ the​ Philippines,​ will be the​ hub for Lancaster condotels in​ the​ Philippines .​
The 42-story Lancaster Suites Manila,​ scheduled for operations this year,​ features studio,​ one-bedroom and two-bedroom condotel units,​ as​ well as​ penthouse suites .​
The units will be available for daily,​ weekly or​ monthly rental,​ Collingz said .​
Collingz said a​ major condo hotel project is​ being considered by the​ Company with several UK Investment Trusts and local investors in​ Cebu,​ Philippines .​
We've got so many clients requesting Luxury Condotel Suites in​ Cebu willing to​ advance payments for high end luxury condotels,​ she said .​
It's a​ whole new era of​ Overseas Investments coming up -- it's not something that we've typically seen in​ the​ past and no one in​ the​ Philippines fully caters to​ this high end luxury lifestyle market .​
(These Investors) are all characteristically looking for a​ five star hotel resort,​ with all the​ features of​ a​ hotel that can be used for vacations and then rent out the​ units when not in​ use.
The new and exciting luxury five-star properties or​ high end developments planned in​ Cebu Philippines,​ that will be sold by invitation only and will start in​ the​ $150,​000 to​ $200,​000 range for Deluxe 500sqft Studios,​ can go all the​ way up to​ $600,​000 for 2 bedroom Penthouse suites and $800,​000 for a​ Grand Penthouse .​
Of course,​ International gateways from Europe,​ South East Asian and the​ United States to​ Cebu-Mactan International Airport is​ within 15 minutes and,​ all units have sea views,​ beach toys and other lifestyle amenities such as​ spa and fine dining restaurants and will come fully fitted,​ furnished and finished to​ the​ highest European standards with fully fitted kitchens,​ fitted bedroom suites and every unit will be sold including all appliances,​ split type central unit air-conditioning,​ plasma TVs’ and state of​ the​ art communication and condotel management systems .​
Units will be significantly larger in​ size than a​ typical hotel room yet still a​ much better value for money investment option than paying $800,​000 for a​ studio suite in​ maybe Dubai or​ Panama or​ a​ cool million dollars for a​ condo in​ Chicago.
The planned high end Lancaster Mactan Resort Condotels will be near the​ new Cebu Convention Center and Cebu International Airport which is​ key,​ to​ good year-round occupancy numbers,​ she said .​
The square footage can range from 700 square feet to​ 1,​800 square feet for one and two bedroom suites or​ more than 3,​000 square feet split level penthouse suite .​
Why can’t we​ build,​ and sell,​ a​ - Trump or​ Ritz Carlton Quality Condotel - in​ the​ Philippines and get the​ same buyers into the​ Philippines that flock to​ invest in​ lifestyle developments around the​ world enthuses Collingz

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