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Jumeirah is​ a​ private island 80 hectares in​ size,​ and is​ situated at​ a​ 15-minute drive from Phuket International Airport. While the​ Jumeirah private island offers impressive and stay different facilities like five-star hotels,​ restaurants,​ spas,​ schools,​ hospitals,​ shopping complexes and other entertainment facilities,​ it​ also provides maximum sea views,​ beach villas,​ beautiful golf courses and a​ fantastic weather to​ enjoy your vacations. it​ is​ fast becoming the​ target destination for buyers who are choosing the​ place to​ own permanent as​ well as​ holiday homes. as​ a​ summary of​ all,​ the​ Jumeirah private island offers charming tropic,​ splendid white sand beaches,​ sophisticated life style and congenial Thai culture.
Jumeirah private island is​ popularly known as​ ‘Barama Bay’ which in​ literal terms stands for ‘highest respect’. the​ Jumeirah Private Island Resort is​ designed to​ be situated on​ the​ coastal region of​ Koh Raet,​ located 500 metres from Ao Po Bay,​ north-east of​ the​ island of​ Phuket,​ Thailand. Barama Bay is​ a​ highly magnificent and luxurious resort offering stunning sites of​ Phang Nga Bay in​ the​ north surrounding limestone karsts,​ beaches of​ Ao Po Bay,​ Naka Yai and Naka Noi.
The Jumeirah Private Island Phuket has privately owned estates as​ well as​ residences. it​ also offers a​ luxury Jumeirah Resort and Spa for relaxing your nerves. Moreover,​ there is​ facility of​ deep water superyacht marina and yacht club.
The barama bay private island resort offers a​ wide range of​ facilities that includes:
105 lavish deluxe pool villas,​ each with a​ private infinity pool and a​ Jacuzzi
19 sumptuous residential estates
30 private dwellings
101 berth super yacht marina
4 restaurants and bars
a 450 meter white sandy beach
a private yacht club
a tennis court
a business centre
a library with a​ dedicated reading space
Other spa,​ leisure and fitness facilities.

Jumeirah Group is​ a​ Dubai based luxury hospitality group and has been appointed by the​ TGR Group to​ undertake the​ development of​ a​ five star private island resort project in​ the​ Jumeirah region. Phuket ocean villas is​ the​ ultimate destination for every traveller and tourist,​ where they get rejuvenating experience,​ the​ vibrancy of​ sun,​ the​ freshness of​ sand,​ an​ excited and exhilarated lifestyle,​ tailor designed for a​ perfect vacation with friends and family. the​ avid sporting freaks can get some fabulous and adventurous water explorations.
TGR’s Financial Advisor Alec Pettigrew takes care of​ the​ finance related issues of​ the​ Barama Bay projects. He belongs to​ Hong Kong and has received the​ ‘Hong Kong Young Entrepreneur Award’. Alec Pettigrew is​ held in​ high esteem for his great contribution in​ the​ business community of​ Hong Kong.
For the​ last 2 decades,​ there is​ a​ steady growth in​ the​ popularity of​ private islands as​ more and more visitors are thronging in​ to​ enjoy vacations at​ the​ calm and serene island environs. Islands are a​ finite commodity,​ and of​ course,​ good islands are not cheap. They are like precious stones,​ products for a​ unique and exceptional investment. For more information on​ barama bay,​ phuket ocean villas,​ jumeirah private island,​ beach villas,​ tgr and barama bay private island,​ log onto

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