New Fashion Trend Luxury Yet Affordable Fresh Water Pearls

New Fashion Trend Luxury Yet Affordable Fresh Water Pearls 1

New Fashion Trend Luxury Yet Affordable Fresh Water Pearls
Jewelries are accents to​ any womans dress. But among the​ jewelry these days,​ the​ classic and elegant beauty of​ pearls still does not fade. it​ started in​ the​ ancient times when pearl jewelry was used as​ luxury items available only to​ the​ ladies of​ wealthy and noble families because of​ its extravagant price. Today,​ it​ is​ still elegant and fashionable,​ but having fresh water pearl jewelry can be affordable now.
Freshwater pearl jewelry comes in​ different colors and shapes. Among the​ common colors are cream,​ orange,​ yellow,​ lavender,​ pink and white. Shapes would vary from round,​ tear drop,​ baroque and pear among others. On its own or​ combined together,​ these offers an incredible array of​ possibilities.
You can go for multiple strand pearl necklaces that combine different colors. For formal occasions,​ you can have a​ single string of​ white round pearls. Baroque cream bracelets can adorn your wrist partnered with a​ teardrop earring or​ ring.
When choosing fresh water pearls,​ always take into consideration the​ shape of​ your face and your skin color. For example,​ a​ woman with a​ fair complexion will look better in​ light colored pearls compared to​ gray or​ black. Here are some of​ the​ fashionable styles of​ pearl necklaces to​ adorn you
1. Collar style these are multiple rows of​ pearls that are worn close to​ your neck. This type complements a​ V shaped collar or​ a​ formal evening dress.
2. Short necklace length is​ approximately 40mm. This is​ the​ most classical and popular choice for ladies. it​ can match any classical or​ cocktail dress.
3. Princess style length is​ approximately 4548mm. This style usually comes with a​ pendant and is​ especially suited to​ highcollar dresses.
4. Martini style length is​ approximately 5058mm. This can match any casual or​ business suite.
5. Opera style length is​ approximately 7080mm. it​ can also be matched with any high collar dress,​ and can be worn as​ double row necklace.
6. Cord style length exceeds 110mm. it​ can be worn very long or​ clasped and tied to​ create numerous short lengths.
7. Florid style composed of​ 8mm,​ 67mm and 5mm pearls. it​ can be worn around the​ neck in​ several rows to​ create a​ romantic style.
8. Dress necklace composed of​ long and short multiple rows,​ usually with a​ clasp. it​ can match any formal dress for its elegant and graceful aura.
If the​ shape of​ your face is​ long,​ you can choose a​ short or​ double row to​ balance it. if​ you have a​ round face and thick neck,​ you can choose the​ martini or​ the​ princess style to​ have a​ good visual projection. For those with squareshaped faces,​ you can choose the​ cord style or​ opera style to​ soften your facial contour.
In purchasing good quality fresh water pearl necklaces,​ proper selection should be painstakingly done to​ avoid buying unsatisfactory ones. Remember to​ always examine the​ luster of​ the​ pearl and inspect for cracks,​ marks or​ blemishes. Luster means that the​ pearl should have an inner glow in​ any kind of​ light. it​ is​ the​ most important characteristic that any pearl should have.

New Fashion Trend Luxury Yet Affordable Fresh Water Pearls

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