Natural Soap The Hot New Luxury Gift

Natural Soap The Hot New Luxury Gift

Natural Soap the​ Hot New Luxury Gift
Is it​ time to​ choose a​ gift for your loved one? Forget the​ stereotypical gifts and get a​ pack of​ natural and perfumed soaps. a​ craze as​ far as​ health and beauty products go,​ natural soaps are organic and have been popular for many years. For all you creative gifthunters,​ lifestyle gurus have a​ bohemian suggestion for the​ wedding season natural soaps made with strawberry and clove extracts,​ honey,​ rose,​ coconut or​ palm oil among other spices and fruits.
Soaps have a​ rich history. Romans and other great civilizations used olive oil soaps,​ as​ they knew even back then,​ the​ many benefits of​ natural ingredients in​ enhancing beauty. Besides,​ Asian countries such as​ India have a​ heritage of​ herbal beauty therapies that date back to​ more than a​ few thousand years. But this trend of​ gifting natural soap is​ definitely new and novel,​ especially for its uniqueness!
With an inclination for chemicalfree,​ organic and purely natural beauty products that are good and safe for the​ skin,​ among the​ youngsters,​ the​ natural soap industry hasn’t have it​ this good in​ many years. Rapidly growing,​ the​ industry is​ coming up with innovative combination of​ spices,​ herbs,​ and other natural ingredients to​ make the​ most of​ this trend. Depending on​ the​ ingredients and purpose of​ these natural soaps,​ you can pay anywhere from $1 to​ $20 per bar.
Naturally Skin Loving
Because natural soaps are made from natural oils,​ plant extracts,​ herbs,​ spices,​ fruits etc. they are great for your skin. Not only do they rehydrate your skin with care,​ but also help in​ making you look younger,​ more beautiful,​ and blemish free. a​ basic skin care item,​ natural soaps come in​ a​ variety of​ shapes,​ scents,​ colors,​ and textures. These handmade soaps contain only natural,​ chemicalfree ingredients that not just clean your skin,​ but do so with loving care.
Organic soaps are biodegradable and do not use animal testing nor contain animalbased products. They are completely free of​ harmful chemicals that spoil your skin over the​ years.
Common Natural Ingredients
Milkbased or​ vegetable oil based natural soaps are the​ commonest of​ all types. Some of​ the​ most popular natural ingredients contained in​ these soaps include
* Olive oil
* Avocado oil
* Coconut oil
* Palm oil
* Sunflower oil
* Shea butter
* Aloe Vera
* Natural clays
* Essential oils
* Ground pumice
With over a​ few dozens of​ natural combination available to​ help you achieve a​ glowing,​ healthy,​ and beautiful skin,​ natural soaps are also have medicinal advantages. Soaps that have green tree oil,​ olive oil,​ Shea butter extracts help in​ fighting common skin diseases such as​ acne etc. Natural soaps can be found in​ rectangular bar form at​ most ​Drug​stores. Nevertheless,​ the​ size and shapes vary,​ as​ they are usually hand cut. Other commonly available shapes are round bars,​ oval bars,​ square bars,​ soapstones,​ minibars,​ and special design soaps these are molded in​ floral or​ other shapes or​ designs. These natural soaps are available in​ different varieties ranging from rose,​ jasmine,​ honey,​ lavender,​ and oatmeal to​ turmeric,​ sandalwood,​ thyme,​ and neem.
Special Skin Care Needs
Since there are plenty of​ choices of​ natural soaps,​ you can easily get one that can meet your special skin care requirements. Most types of​ natural soaps are mild in​ nature,​ but you also get extragentle soaps that are created for babies or​ those with very sensitive skin. if​ you suffer from dry skin,​ then try Shea butter or​ olive oil based soaps that moisturize your skin the​ natural way. For those of​ you who are prone to​ pimples or​ oily skin,​ choosing natural soaps with ingredients such as​ Dead Sea minerals,​ sulfur,​ and peppermint can help treat and prevent your skin condition. Glycerin soaps are also good for those who suffer from oily skin.
Adding to​ the​ popularity of​ this natural skin care items is​ the​ endorsement from cosmetologists who are also of​ the​ opinion that natural oil soaps are fantastic for the​ skin as​ they significantly improve the​ quality of​ skin. However,​ it​ may be advisable to​ consult a​ doctor before you begin using a​ handmade,​ natural soap. This will ensure that you do not experience any adverse effects on​ your skin.
Shopping for Natural Soaps
Natural soaps are available in​ plenty at​ natural health and beauty shops,​ specialty stores,​ and with online retailers. Also,​ check with your local ​Drug​store,​ as​ well as​ the​ health and beauty section of​ the​ local super market for these beauty items.
If you are looking for a​ personalized gift for your loved one,​ then natural and handmade soaps are the​ perfect choice. Not only are these soaps environment friendly,​ they also possess a​ mild and lingering natural fragrance,​ while being safe and completely chemical free keeping the​ skin glowing,​ clean,​ refreshed,​ and moisturized.

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