Mozambique Holidays On The Island Of Benguerra At A Beach Front Luxury Lodge

Mozambique Holidays On The Island Of Benguerra At A Beach Front Luxury

Mozambique holidays at​ Azura on​ Benguerra Island will shortly become a​ well known destination and Hotel,​ although Azura is​ really more a​ luxury eco boutique lodge than an​ hotel. it​ opened its doors in​ the​ latter part of​ 2007,​ and to​ some extent it​ is​ still work in​ progress,​ but it​ has immediately caught the​ attention of​ people looking for a​ romantic beach getaway or​ a​ beach front vacation on​ a​ Mozambique Island in​ the​ Indian Ocean.

Azura is​ a​ brand new addition to​ what are an​ increasing number of​ lodges and hotels in​ the​ fantastically beautiful Bazaruto Archipelago in​ Southern Mozambique.

It consists of​ 3 luxury Villas,​ 11 infinity villas and a​ Presidential Villa with private plunge or​ infinity pool. They are extremely spacious and designed with a​ combination of​ traditional Mozambique furniture and ultra modern chic,​ and the​ effect is​ spectacular. Speechless is​ one word already used to​ describe the​ accommodation,​ each with its own butler who is​ there purely to​ pander to​ your every whim.

Each villa has a​ beach front cabana style roundel to​ shelter from the​ heat of​ the​ sun,​ and is​ well supplied with comfy plump cushions. the​ huge beds are very comfortable and the​ outside showers a​ great reminder of​ how great life in​ the​ tropics can be,​ particularly when friends at​ home in​ Europe are either soaked and cold or​ under several meters of​ snow whilst you are standing under the​ stars in​ the​ open air enjoying a​ shower.

Azura luxury lodge is​ a​ real beachfront location,​ and the​ views of​ the​ Indian Ocean from the​ public areas of​ the​ Lodge will take your breath away,​ with the​ searing blue of​ the​ Indian Ocean contrasting with the​ lovely beach.

What this is​ saying in​ effect is​ that there are just totally idyllic absolutely uninterrupted views everywhere you look of​ white sand beach which just seems to​ stretch for miles in​ both directions,​ and is​ invariably empty. the​ water is​ warm and totally clear,​ but when the​ tide goes out,​ you have to​ go a​ very long way if​ you want to​ swim but it​ makes for great exploring.

As you would expect in​ a​ far off isolated spot like Benguerra much of​ the​ hotel is​ open to​ the​ cooling breezes,​ and this kind of​ design with the​ cool contemporary cottons used in​ the​ furnishings oozes quality allied to​ relaxation.

The food at​ Azura is​ also of​ very high quality,​ especially when you remember it​ all has to​ be brought from the​ mainland,​ although of​ course the​ superb fish came from the​ nearby ocean. There is​ a​ lot of​ fish on​ the​ menu,​ and you will be able to​ eat on​ the​ beach,​ and don’t miss the​ seafood buffet cooked over an​ open fire. There is​ a​ meat option,​ and in​ fact you will get pretty well what you fancy with a​ good wine list as​ well.

The Azura is​ heavily involved in​ an​ upliftment programme,​ where they have to​ help to​ improve the​ lives of​ the​ local people. They are training locals in​ a​ variety of​ ways,​ and this principle of​ helping the​ local community,​ even as​ a​ guest because you are giving people the​ opportunity to​ take part in​ the​ programme makes it​ all see so much more worthwhile.

You can access Benguerra Island via the​ international airport at​ Vilanculos and it​ is​ then ten minutes by plane and 30 minutes by boat.

The normal activities that you would expect are available,​ and as​ you can imagine snorkeling,​ scuba diving and fishing are popular favorites,​ but many guests are content to​ sit,​ read,​ walk on​ the​ deserted white sand beach,​ and perhaps swim with dolphins who visit on​ occasions.

You might just prefer to​ lie around on​ your deck,​ have your butler serve tea,​ or​ cool off in​ your own plunge pool. Just enjoy the​ peace and total relaxation that make Mozambique holidays on​ Benguarra Island at​ Azura unique.

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Mozambique Holidays On The Island Of Benguerra At A Beach Front Luxury

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