Mower Maintenance For A Perfect Lawn

Mower Maintenance For A Perfect Lawn

Growing and maintaining a​ lush green lawn takes care and the​ right equipment. the​ right lawn mover for your landscape and proper maintenance of​ your equipment will ensure a​ nice even lawn. a​ good lawn mower should cut the​ grass and not tear or​ rip it​ out.

The first thing to​ consider when purchasing a​ lawn mover is​ your landscape. is​ your lawn on​ a​ slope or​ flat ground? What type of​ mower can get the​ job done with the​ least amount of​ effort? Another factor is​ how easy the​ mower is​ to​ maintain for peak performance.

If you have to​ cut grass on​ a​ slope,​ the​ best type of​ lawn mower is​ one with high wheels. This will make it​ easier to​ push up a​ hill,​ or​ to​ move back down the​ hill with. the​ second type of​ lawn mower is​ a​ cordless or​ electric mulching lawn mower. the​ mulching mower is​ less messy and mulches your lawn. the​ third type of​ lawn mower is​ a​ reel lawn mower. Reel lawnmowers are environmental friendly,​ not contributing to​ pollution and are easy to​ use.

After deciding on​ the​ type of​ lawn mower to​ purchase,​ review the​ maintenance schedule. a​ good maintenance program will allow your mower to​ last for years to​ come and give your grass a​ better cut. Every spring,​ the​ different parts of​ the​ lawnmower should be cleaned or​ repaired. Spark plugs should be cleaned or​ replaced for good firing and nuts and bolts should be checked and tightened where necessary.

The underside decking should be cleaned throughout the​ season to​ remove build up of​ grass and dirt. Cleaning the​ grass and dirt will also help in​ preventing the​ spread of​ diseases in​ grass. in​ order to​ clean the​ deck of​ the​ lawnmower,​ you should first empty the​ gas tank and make sure that the​ spark plug is​ not connected. You can then stand the​ mower up on​ its side and spray the​ mower with water. You can then scrub off the​ rest of​ the​ dirt and grass that is​ stuck on​ the​ mower. Make sure to​ dry the​ mower after you have finished rinsing it​ off,​ to​ make sure that none of​ the​ parts rust.

Your maintenance should also include checking the​ oil and air filters. the​ air filters should be cleaned or​ replaced on​ a​ regular basis. Before removing the​ filter to​ replace,​ make sure that you know whether it​ is​ paper or​ foam. the​ oil in​ your lawn mower lubricates the​ engine. Be sure you read the​ operating instructions on​ the​ type and amount of​ oil your mower uses.

Another important part of​ maintenance is​ sharpening the​ blades every one or​ two months,​ depending on​ use. Sharp blades ensure a​ clean cut rather than ripping out the​ grass. This can be easily done by removing the​ blade from the​ mower and sharpening it​ with a​ file.

When mowing season is​ over,​ there are certain steps to​ properly store your lawn mower for the​ winter. it​ is​ advisable to​ remove the​ oil and gas,​ and clean the​ exterior.

With consistent and proper care of​ your lawnmower,​ you will be able to​ keep your lawn looking great through the​ seasons and years,​ and your mower will last for years too.

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