Motorcycle Laws In Different States

Motorcycle Laws In Different States

Different states in​ the​ US follow different motorcycle helmet laws that cater to​ their own residents and constituents. Motorcycle helmet law has been instituted to​ provide safety and protection to​ motorcycle riders from different states.

But the​ helmet law being followed in​ one state may not be the​ same as​ those followed in​ another. There are even other states that do not have their own laws governing the​ proper use of​ motorcycle helmets. There are currently 4 states that do not have their own motorcycle helmet law.

These are Colorado,​ Illinois,​ Iowa,​ and New Hampshire. of​ the​ other 46 states,​ 20 of​ them follow full helmet law for all riders in​ their territory to​ follow. They are Alabama,​ California,​ Georgia,​ Louisiana,​ Maryland,​ Massachusetts,​ Michigan,​ Mississippi,​ Missouri,​ Nebraska,​ Nevada,​ New Jersey,​ New York,​ North Carolina,​ Oregon,​ Tennessee,​ Vermont,​ Virginia,​ Washington and West Virginia. But each of​ these states’ motorcycle helmet laws may have differing definitions on​ what constitutes a​ safety helmet.

In the​ other remaining states,​ 19 have helmet laws that exempt adult riders. These are usually those riders who are 18 years old and over. These are the​ states of​ Alaska,​ Arizona,​ Connecticut,​ Delaware,​ Hawaii,​ Idaho,​ Indiana,​ Kansas,​ Maine,​ Minnesota,​ Montana,​ New Mexico,​ North Dakota,​ Ohio,​ Oklahoma,​ South Dakota,​ Utah,​ Wisconsin and Wyoming.

There are seven states that require adult bikers at​ the​ ages of​ 18 and 20 to​ still wear helmets while riding their motorcycles. These states are Arkansas,​ Florida,​ Kentucky,​ Pennsylvania,​ Rhode Island,​ South Carolina,​ and Texas.

It is​ on​ these states that some bikers think that they are being discriminated upon because of​ the​ requirement for riders between 18 and 20 years old. But some motorcycle riders just would want to​ rid themselves of​ having to​ don their helmets while riding their motorcycles. But these riders should realize that helmets are there for their safety and protection.

Many motorcycle accidents have lessened rider mortalities,​ thanks to​ the​ protection offered by motorcycle helmets. DOT approved motorcycle helmets can help protect your head,​ most especially your brain from life threatening injuries in​ case of​ accidents. Your head is​ one of​ the​ most important parts of​ your body to​ protect while on​ a​ motorcycle because it​ houses the​ fragile brain.

Although your skull protects it,​ sudden jolts and stops can easily injure it. Such injuries can make your brain to​ swell due to​ internal bleeding and inflammation. And when it​ swells,​ it​ would not have enough space inside the​ skull for the​ extra volume and will bring more damage to​ some other very vital regions like the​ eyes.

Motorcycle Laws In Different States

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