Mortgages Low Down Payments

Mortgages - Low Down Payments
Today’s mortgage environment is​ much different from that of​ the​ past .​
One of​ the​ biggest differences is​ low down payment mortgages that only require 3-5% down on​ your total mortgage .​
Why exactly have mortgage down payments dropped so much recently? a​ substantial part of​ the​ reason why down payments are smaller is​ because of​ the​ sharing of​ risk amongst parties involved in​ your financial transactions .​
Mortgage lenders are objective institutions seeking to​ maximize profit and they used to​ require about 20% down payment on​ loans before they were able to​ spread risk to​ Fannie Mae .​
Now,​ with the​ commonplace ability to​ sell loans to​ Fannie Mae,​ they are willing to​ lower the​ down payment because their risk is​ lower .​
a​ low down payment in​ the​ single digits may be good for you​ the​ borrower,​ up front,​ in​ the​ initial phases,​ however,​ lenders have ways by which they secure their ability to​ get paid in​ the​ event of​ default lowering their risk .​
One way that lenders compensate for a​ low down payment loan,​ below twenty percent of​ total loan value,​ is​ by requiring a​ borrower to​ pay private mortgage insurance(PMI) .​
While private mortgage insurance is​ not a​ huge expense it​ is​ still an​ expense,​ often being .5% of​ your total mortgage .​
If you​ take out a​ $300,​000 loan,​ then you​ can expect to​ pay about $1,​500 per year in​ PMI insurance .​
These payments will be required until you​ reach a​ twenty percent pay off on​ your loan .​
However,​ a​ lender may be able to​ make you​ continue to​ pay even as​ twenty percent is​ breached .​
Another method for obtaining a​ loan with very little out of​ pocket expense is​ to​ take out two loans at​ the​ same time .​
One is​ a​ primary loan to​ cover the​ main mortgage,​ and another is​ a​ secondary loan to​ cover the​ down payment .​
This is​ often referred to​ as​ piggy backing loans and has gained some popularity .​
People sometimes refer to​ this method of​ financing as​ taking out a​ second mortgage .​
You will essentially have two loans to​ pay each month,​ so your debt load is​ going to​ be higher .​
If you​ don't have the​ cash to​ pay a​ down payment,​ then you​ should carefully consider if​ you​ can service two loans every month of​ the​ year in​ addition to​ other major expenses.
By meeting certain qualifications,​ a​ person may be able to​ acquire an​ FHA loan,​ which only requires a​ 3 percent down payment .​
However,​ loan insurance is​ required with these mortgages to​ alleviate some risk,​ and the​ total loan amounts are relatively small .​
If you​ live in​ an​ area with a​ high cost of​ living these loans may not be available .​
Veterans administration loans can be utilized by military families looking for mortgages with lower down payments.
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