Mortgage Your Home Restoration

Mortgage your home restoration
A commuter rail boom in​ the​ New York and New Jersey has enabled many professionals in​ the​ area to​ live further from the​ big city .​
One of​ the​ places they're moving is​ Morris County,​ New Jersey,​ a​ group of​ historic small towns 20 miles to​ the​ west .​
Settled more than 300 years ago,​ the​ area offers a​ well-established,​ attractive residential base,​ and solid property investment potential .​
Morris County includes more than 30 municipalities,​ and a​ wide variety of​ charming unincorporated areas .​
Homes here are often beautifully restored Victorian and Colonial-era buildings dating back to​ the​ early 20th century,​ which add to​ an​ already high quality of​ life in​ this attractive area .​
Big City professionals also know Morris County for its wide variety of​ Fortune 500 headquarters,​ offices,​ and major facilities .​
Companies with operations here include AT&T,​ Honeywell,​ Bayer and Wyeth,​ BASF,​ Novartis,​ Exxon,​ and Colgate-Palmolive - good news for anyone who wants to​ avoid the​ daily commute to​ their corporate office job .​
Many professionals who move to​ Morris County also find jobs here,​ and are able to​ confine their relationship with New York and New Jersey to​ weekend visits .​
Morris County's uncrowded layout is​ another reason for its popularity .​
The county has less than 500,​000 residents spread across more than 1,​247 km and dozens of​ communities,​ which compares nicely to​ the​ urban sprawl of​ millions per square mile just to​ the​ east .​
Morris County's low density has put it​ in​ high demand with wealthy buyers - it's the​ sixth wealthiest county in​ the​ Nation by median household income,​ and tenth by per capita income .​
Affluence with a​ taste for old world charm is​ part of​ the​ reason many of​ Morris County's older homes here have been carefully preserved .​
a​ wide variety of​ old mansions have also been converted into museums,​ art studios,​ and schools .​
When visitors come to​ Morris County,​ they make a​ point of​ checking out heritage buildings like Acorn Hall in​ Morristown,​ which dates back to​ 1853.

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