Mortgage Tips For First Time Buyers

Mortgage Tips for First Time Buyers
A home is​ the​ single most expensive thing most people will ever purchase .​
In addition,​ paying off a​ home loan can take as​ long as​ forty years and will involve paying an​ amount of​ interest that exceeds the​ cost of​ the​ house itself .​
In short,​ buying a​ house is​ not something to​ be done without a​ lot of​ forethought .​
With the​ average American living in​ their homes for seven years or​ less,​ most mortgages are probably offered to​ people who have purchased a​ home before .​
But there are always people who are buying for the​ first time,​ and for them,​ knowing how the​ process works is​ important.
Here are some useful tips for first-time homebuyers:
Know how much you​ can afford to​ pay .​
This includes not only the​ total price of​ the​ house,​ but the​ monthly payments,​ as​ well .​
Do not be fooled by the​ monthly amount the​ lender tells you​ that you​ can afford; that number is​ usually high enough to​ be well beyond most buyers' comfort zones .​
If the​ lender suggests that you​ can pay as​ much as​ $2000 per month but you​ only feel comfortable paying $1500 per month,​ then that is​ your limit .​
You should buy a​ house that will allow you​ to​ pay that amount,​ and no more.
Check your credit ahead of​ time .​
No one wants to​ be denied a​ home loan because of​ errors on​ your credit report .​
You can check it​ for free at​ .​
Get a​ copy and make sure the​ information is​ accurate.
Shop around for a​ good lender .​
The interest rates and terms will vary from lender to​ lender,​ so you​ should seek out the​ best terms .​
Additionally,​ you​ should try to​ find a​ lender with whom you​ feel comfortable .​
You will be paying on​ your mortgage for decades to​ come,​ so find a​ lender and terms with which you​ are comfortable.
Be aware of​ closing costs .​
The amount of​ money that a​ buyer is​ expected to​ bring to​ closing can be astonishing .​
Don't be caught off guard when it​ come time to​ close and the​ lender asks you​ to​ bring a​ certified check for $15,​000 that you​ do not have .​
Find out ahead of​ time exactly how much it​ will cost you​ to​ close on​ the​ loan and have those funds ready.
Most of​ these items will seem like common sense,​ especially to​ those who have financed a​ house before .​
But anyone who is​ buying a​ home for the​ first time should be prepared for the​ process .​
By being prepared,​ the​ process should go smoothly.

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