Mortgage Sales Overcoming Objections

Mortgage Sales,​ Overcoming Objections
As a​ loan officer,​ it​ is​ important to​ keep your pipeline full at​ all times .​
For this reason,​ it​ goes without saying,​ that you​ should be taking as​ many applications as​ you​ can throughout the​ week.
Obtaining leads to​ be turned into applications can be obtained in​ a​ variety of​ ways .​
Such as,​ networking,​ customer referrals,​ family,​ friends,​ mortgage lead providers,​ etc.
Another method,​ probably the​ most dreaded in​ every sales force,​ but also very necessary to​ keep app’s coming in​ is​ cold calling.
We all know the​ feeling of​ rejection over the​ telephone,​ but it​ is​ very important to​ maintain your persistence and overcome these obstacles.
I completely understand that there is​ no way to​ overcome the​ objection of​ a​ customer hanging up on​ you​ .​
My only advice would be to​ not dwell on​ it,​ or​ take it​ personally,​ just move onto the​ next call.
Keep in​ mind,​ for a​ lot of​ people,​ purchasing or​ refinancing a​ home is​ a​ huge financial undertaking in​ a​ person’s life .​
Perhaps the​ biggest,​ so be understanding if​ they seem defensive or​ get cold feet.
I’m sure you​ are familiar with hearing I’m no longer interested,​ or​ I​ just closed on​ my loan last week.
For starters,​ don’t even give the​ customer the​ opportunity to​ give you​ an​ objection.
Remember,​ you​ are the​ expert,​ so you​ do the​ talking.
Your opening line should be something like this:
Hello Mrs .​
Jones,​ my name is​ Susie Smith and I​ understand that you​ are interested in​ a​ mortgage .​
I​ have some great products that I​ believe would fit your needs and budget .​
If you​ don’t mind,​ I​ would like to​ take just a​ few moments to​ go over them with you.
This approach immediately takes the​ pressure off of​ the​ customer,​ and nine times out of​ ten they will be willing to​ listen.
Remember,​ it​ is​ all in​ the​ approach and the​ tone of​ your voice,​ smile when you​ talk,​ it​ will reflect in​ your voice .​
And be nice,​ relax your customer,​ make them comfortable,​ and you​ are half way there.

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