Mortgage Refinance Leads

Mortgage Refinance Leads
If you​ are a​ loan officer or​ mortgage broker and you​ are on​ the​ market for refinance leads,​ you​ definitely want to​ buy them fresh or​ in​ real time.
Here are a​ few suggestions for deciding which mortgage lead company you​ would like to​ go with.
Like I​ mentioned in​ the​ above paragraph,​ you​ want your refinance leads to​ be fresh .​
It is​ pointless to​ buy a​ refinance lead that is​ weeks or​ months old .​
The person has more than likely refinanced already.
Don’t you​ just love it​ when you​ call someone about a​ mortgage and they tell you​ they closed on​ it​ last week or​ last month.
Check out mortgage lead company’s web sites and read them thoroughly and call and speak with someone in​ their customer service department.
Find out how the​ lead company obtains their leads .​
You want to​ make sure the​ mortgage lead company is​ obtaining their leads through sites they own and operate.
If the​ mortgage lead company is​ not generating leads on​ their own,​ than they are purchasing them from a​ third party and recycling them .​
These leads are basically junk.
The problem here is​ that you​ don’t know how many times that third party sold the​ leads to​ other mortgage lead companies.
When researching mortgage lead companies,​ customer service says a​ lot .​
If you​ are not happy with customer service or​ not satisfied with the​ answers to​ your questions,​ than it​ is​ more than likely you​ will not be happy with the​ leads.
Also,​ look for companies that have low minimum deposits and ones without any commitments .​
Such as​ having to​ buy a​ certain amount of​ leads and extra fees for filters.
And of​ course,​ it​ never hurts to​ ask for a​ free lead.

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