Mortgage Note Buyers Who Are They And How Can They Help You

Mortgage Note Buyers - Who Are They and How Can They Help You?
A Mortgage Note Buyer is​ simply a​ person that can get you​ a​ lump sum of​ cash quickly for the​ future payments you​ are scheduled to​ receive.

So if​ you​ took back a​ mortgage or​ seller financed your home or​ property when you​ sold it​ and are receiving payments,​ you​ will be given a​ fat check in​ place of​ those future payments .​

The note buyer will then receive the​ monthly payments instead of​ you,​ without any changes for the​ person making those payments .​
This is​ a​ very simple and easy process.
This is​ referred to​ as​ the​ cash flow industry.
The cash flow industry was created by the​ forces of​ supply and demand,​ and it​ has now filled the​ void left by traditional lending sources such as​ banks.
Why do they do this - What's in​ it​ for them?
Mortgage note buyers and the​ companies they work with or​ for are all about the​ investment portfolio or​ long term wealth .​

It is​ profitable for them to​ collect payment streams that bring them in​ a​ consistent cash flow every month .​
the​ difference between them and you​ is​ that they have thousands of​ these payment streams coming in​ and it​ adds up for them .​
They also don't mind waiting long years to​ collect these payments .​
It's a​ good investment .​
Mortgage note buyers can get you​ cash for:
* Owner-Financed Mortgage Notes
* Land Contracts
* Contracts for Deed
* Deed of​ Trust
* Trust Deed
* Promissory Notes
Some note buyers work nationwide and some work a​ smaller targeted area .​
They are all different .​
Some work with many types of​ properties and some only with single-family residences .​
Here is​ a​ list of​ the​ types of​ properties many mortgage note buyers work with:
* Single Family Residences
* Duplexes
* Condos
* Town Homes
* Apartment Buildings
* Commercial Buildings
* Land (improved or​ unimproved)
* Mobile Homes with Land
*Not all mortgage note buyers work with every item listed above,​ so check to​ make sure they can do the​ type of​ deal you​ require.
A good contract note buyer will have many programs available to​ suit your needs in​ selling your future payments .​
Whether you​ want to​ sell all,​ or​ just part of​ your future payments .​
Some options include:

1 .​
Full Purchase - the​ purchase of​ all of​ your future payments for one lump sum of​ cash.
2 .​
Partial Purchase - the​ purchase of​ a​ specified number of​ your future payments for a​ lump sum of​ cash now .​
3 .​
Split Payment Purchase - the​ purchase of​ a​ specified monthly amount .​
The options are truly unlimited.

In conclusion,​ a​ mortgage note buyer's main goal is​ to​ create a​ Win-Win situation that gets you​ the​ cash you​ need,​ when you​ need it.

Want to​ consolidate credit cards,​ pay for college tuition,​ take a​ well deserved vacation,​ purchase a​ new or​ second home,​ or​ invest in​ other opportunities? Well if​ you​ are collecting payments on​ a​ seller-financed note a​ Mortgage Note Buyer can help you​ fulfill those dreams.

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