Mortgage Marketing With A Blog

Mortgage Marketing With a​ Blog
One great way for mortgage brokers and loan officers to​ market the​ benefits of​ their products and services is​ with a​ Blog.
There are many sites on​ the​ internet that allow for you​ to​ set up a​ Blog for free .​
They also make it​ very easy for beginners to​ set up their Blog allowing for them to​ choose their own url name and template.
On your Blog you​ can put a​ photo of​ yourself,​ allowing for potential customers to​ put a​ name with your face .​
You can also put a​ short biography of​ yourself to​ allow your potential clients an​ opportunity to​ get to​ know a​ little more about you.
This is​ a​ great way to​ allow for customers to​ find a​ comfort level with you.
Once you​ have the​ name and template set up,​ you​ can than begin to​ add information about the​ products and services you​ have to​ offer,​ and how they can benefit your customer,​ and meet their needs.
Than,​ every day,​ post a​ new topic .​
It can be an​ article you​ have written yourself on​ the​ mortgage industry,​ or​ just some information on​ a​ new product or​ promotion you​ are offering .​
New material added to​ your Blog on​ a​ daily basis will keep customers coming back to​ your Blog.
Believe me,​ you​ do not need to​ be a​ rocket scientist or​ have a​ degree in​ computer science to​ build a​ Blog .​
a​ Blog can be built in​ less than five minutes by anyone that wants to​ do it .​
It is​ very simple.
Once you​ have your Blog in​ place,​ you​ can add the​ url address to​ your e-mail address and you​ can also have it​ put on​ your business cards.
Whenever you​ are dealing with a​ new client,​ end the​ conversation by asking them to​ visit your Blog.
Also,​ blogs are a​ great way to​ communicate with other professionals in​ the​ mortgage industry .​
Encourage other loan officers to​ visit your Blog and post their thoughts,​ comments,​ or​ industry related material.
Building your own Blog is​ definitely worth looking into,​ so give it​ a​ shot .​
It is​ another great tool to​ add to​ your mortgage marketing arsenal.

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