Mortgage Leads You Get What You Pay For

Mortgage Leads,​ you​ Get What you​ Pay for
Mortgage Leads,​ you​ Get What you​ Pay for
There are many mortgage lead companies out there to​ choose from .​
Each with their own individual way of​ obtaining leads to​ sell to​ loan officers .​
But remember,​ you​ get what you​ pay for.
Lead companies sell their leads in​ a​ variety of​ ways .​
Some allow you​ to​ cherry pick,​ some allow you​ to​ set up a​ filter,​ and some only sell in​ bulk.
The pricing on​ leads from company to​ company varies also,​ as​ you’ll see,​ it​ depends on​ what you​ are buying.
Some lead companies buy their leads from other companies and sell them in​ bulk,​ or​ recycle them at​ a​ profit.
Some lead companies sell their leads fresh or​ real time,​ meaning the​ lead is​ brand new .​
Approximately ten minutes old by the​ time it​ reaches you.
When you​ are buying leads that have been recycled,​ you​ will most likely get a​ lot of​ them .​
Lets suppose you​ have one hundred dollars to​ spend on​ recycled leads .​
This will get you​ about fifty leads at​ two dollars a​ piece .​
This is​ a​ lot of​ leads to​ work with .​
However,​ the​ quality of​ the​ leads will leave a​ lot to​ be desired .​
You will also find that you​ wasted not only your money but your time as​ well .​
Calling fifty people takes a​ while.
Now,​ if​ you​ decide to​ buy real time leads,​ that same one hundred dollars will get you​ any where from five to​ eight leads,​ but remember,​ these leads are fresh,​ they are hot off the​ press,​ so your chances of​ closing a​ few loans are much better than if​ you​ bought recycled leads.
Remember .​
you​ get what you​ pay for.
Also,​ when you​ are buying leads,​ it​ is​ important for you​ to​ know where the​ leads are coming from.
Have you​ ever had the​ painful experience of​ calling someone,​ and having them say to​ you; you​ are the​ twentieth person to​ call me this week .​
Or,​ I​ applied for that months ago,​ I​ closed the​ loan last week.
I was a​ loan officer for a​ number of​ years and I​ know the​ feeling.
When you​ hear responses like the​ ones you​ heard in​ the​ above paragraph,​ it​ should be an​ indication to​ you​ that the​ leads you​ bought have been recycled.
Most likely they have been passed around from lead company to​ lead company.
When you​ are doing your research for a​ good lead company,​ make sure you​ talk to​ a​ representative from that company,​ and find out where the​ leads are coming from .​
If the​ representative can’t give you​ a​ clear answer than move on.
The best lead companies to​ deal with are the​ ones that own and operate their own sites where prospects can come on​ and fill out on-line applications .​
This way you​ know exactly where the​ lead is​ coming from,​ and you​ don’t have to​ worry about being the​ tenth person to​ buy the​ same lead.
If you​ decide to​ buy leads from a​ lead company,​ make sure you​ do your research .​
Research is​ the​ key .​
You have worked hard for your money,​ so make sure the​ leads you​ buy give you​ a​ good return on​ your investment.
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