Mortgage Leads Real Time Quality

Mortgage Leads Real Time Quality

Mortgage Leads,​ Real Time Quality
If you​ are a​ loan officer or​ mortgage broker and you​ are considering purchasing leads,​ you​ may want to​ consider real time mortgage leads.
If you​ have been frustrated with mortgage lead companies in​ the​ past,​ it​ may have been because you​ were receiving recycled leads,​ or​ better put,​ junk leads.
Junk leads go round and round from lead company to​ lead company .​
Bought in​ bulk for cheap,​ than sold to​ unassuming loan officers at​ a​ profit.
For this reason alone,​ you​ should give serious consideration to​ real time leads,​ because real time leads are delivered within seconds of​ the​ prospect submitting the​ on​ line form,​ and you​ can be sure the​ lead is​ of​ good quality.
Before you​ go and commit to​ a​ lead company,​ be sure to​ do some research on​ the​ company .​
Call the​ lead company and speak with someone in​ customer service.
You want to​ be sure you​ are getting your money’s worth,​ so find out how the​ lead provider obtains their mortgage leads.
If they are not obtaining their leads through sites they own and operate on​ their own,​ than the​ leads are not fresh,​ and you​ need to​ move onto the​ next lead company.
Remember,​ you​ work hard for your money,​ so if​ the​ lead company you​ are considering cannot give you​ answers to​ your questions,​ than most likely they can’t provide you​ with good quality leads.

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