Mortgage Leads Quality Is Everything

Mortgage Leads,​ Quality is​ Everything
For loan officers and mortgage brokers on​ the​ market for mortgage leads,​ the​ quality of​ the​ lead should be a​ top priority when determining which company to​ invest in.
For this reason,​ before you​ invest,​ be sure to​ do a​ little research .​
After reading about the​ lead company on​ their web site,​ be sure to​ call and speak with someone in​ customer service.
The best way to​ find out about the​ quality of​ the​ leads before you​ purchase them is​ to​ ask some specific questions.
Ask where they obtain their leads from.
The best answer you​ can get to​ this question is​ that they own and operate the​ web sites where customers visit and fill out the​ on​ line form.
If a​ lead company is​ obtaining their leads from a​ third party vendor and than reselling them to​ loan officers at​ a​ profit,​ than they are basically recycling leads .​
Better put,​ they are selling junk.
And you​ never know how many times that third party vendor sold those leads to​ other lead providers.
Another question to​ ask is​ about their delivery method.
The most efficient way to​ have leads delivered is​ by way of​ e-mail.
Especially if​ you​ are purchasing real time leads,​ the​ lead will literally end up in​ your mail box within seconds of​ the​ customer hitting the​ submit button on​ the​ on-line form.
To sum it​ all up,​ a​ good quality lead is​ one that is​ fresh,​ not dated,​ or​ recycled.
And remember,​ you​ work hard for your money,​ so make sure you​ are getting what you​ pay for.

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