Mortgage Leads Increase Your Closure Ratio

Mortgage Leads Increase Your Closure Ratio

Mortgage Leads,​ Increase Your Closure Ratio
If you​ are a​ loan officer or​ a​ mortgage broker,​ and you​ are currently using a​ mortgage lead provider,​ or​ you​ are considering investing with one,​ one of​ the​ most important things you​ should take into consideration,​ is​ the​ closure ratio.
If you​ are closing anywhere from 5% to​ 12% of​ the​ leads you​ purchase,​ than you​ are doing very well according to​ the​ industry’s standard.
Here are a​ few helpful hints to​ increase your closure ratio.
Keep in​ mind that a​ lead provider does just that,​ they provide leads .​
It is​ entirely up to​ you​ to​ make the​ sale .​
Just because you​ were provided with a​ fresh lead doesn’t mean you​ don’t have to​ work to​ close the​ deal.
Most lead companies will sell their leads up to​ five times,​ so you​ are competing with other loan officers.
So,​ if​ you​ come across an​ objection over the​ telephone such as​ I​ am no longer interested,​ it​ is​ most likely because they are dealing with somebody else at​ that point.
Here is​ something you​ can counter with .​
Oh,​ that’s to​ bad,​ after looking at​ your on-line profile,​ I​ was able to​ fit you​ into a​ really nice mortgage program with one of​ our lenders.
I can just about guarantee this will get their attention.
If this approach does not work,​ e-mail them with some attractive programs that you​ offer,​ or​ mail them out a​ flyer with a​ list of​ your products.
Whatever you​ do,​ do not give up after the​ first objection.
Remember,​ home buyers,​ and people refinancing their existing homes are very apprehensive,​ they are embarking on​ perhaps the​ largest financial transaction they have ever made,​ so put yourself in​ their shoes.
So,​ the​ friendlier you​ come off,​ and the​ more knowledgeable you​ sound,​ the​ better your chances of​ making the​ sale.
If you​ fail to​ have someone answer the​ telephone,​ and you​ have to​ leave a​ message,​ make sure the​ message is​ short,​ friendly,​ and informative.
Ask them to​ call back at​ their convenience to​ discuss a​ great product you​ know they will be interested in.
Remember .​
It is​ all in​ the​ approach and the​ inflection in​ your voice .​
The lead provider can provide the​ lead,​ but you​ have to​ work to​ get the​ sale .​
Best of​ luck with your leads.

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