Mortgage Leads For Refinancing

Mortgage Leads for Refinancing
If you​ are a​ mortgage broker or​ loan officer on​ the​ market for mortgage leads,​ your best bet for a​ quick turn around time on​ a​ loan is​ with the​ refinance leads.
Not to​ say that you​ can’t have a​ quick urn around time with purchase leads,​ you​ can .​
But,​ as​ you​ well know,​ refinancing a​ persons home can be done in​ a​ relatively short amount of​ time.
Here is​ something to​ consider when shopping around for mortgage leads.
Look for the​ mortgage lead companies that sell their mortgage leads fresh or​ in​ real time.
It is​ basically pointless to​ purchase a​ refinance lead that is​ weeks or​ even days old.
Most likely the​ consumer is​ already working with another loan officer and is​ half way through the​ process.
Also,​ find out how the​ mortgage lead companies obtain their leads.
Look for the​ mortgage lead companies that obtain their leads through web sites they own and operate on​ their own.
Otherwise,​ they are obtaining them from third party companies and recycling them.
The last thing you​ want or​ need is​ a​ lead that has gone through the​ hands of​ half a​ dozen loan officers.
Remember,​ you​ work hard for your money,​ so be sure that when you​ invest with a​ mortgage lead company that you​ will be getting your money’s worth.

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