Mortgage Leads Do Your Research

Mortgage Leads Do Your Research

Mortgage Leads,​ Do Your Research
You work hard for your money,​ so before you​ go investing in​ a​ mortgage lead company,​ be sure you​ take your time and do your research.
We have all heard about,​ or​ have experienced the​ pain first hand of​ being burned by a​ mortgage lead company .​
And although this may happen to​ loan officers more often than not,​ there are some good lead companies out there,​ where it​ is​ possible to​ get a​ good return on​ your investment.
It is​ only a​ matter of​ taking your time and doing your research.
It also has a​ lot to​ do with the​ type of​ lead you​ buy as​ well,​ so make sure you​ research exactly what it​ is​ that you​ are buying.
If a​ mortgage lead company is​ buying their leads in​ bulk from a​ third party company and selling them to​ loan officers at​ a​ profit,​ than that lead company is​ doing what is​ known as​ recycling leads .​
Or,​ to​ put it​ bluntly,​ they are selling junk.
And who knows how many times that third party company sold their leads to​ other mortgage lead companies.
If a​ lead company is​ obtaining their leads from sites they own and operate on​ their own,​ than chances are you​ will be receiving a​ good quality lead.
Especially if​ they sell their leads in​ real time,​ and/or,​ exclusively.
The best way to​ find out about how a​ mortgage lead company obtains their leads is​ to​ call and speak with a​ live person in​ the​ customer service department.
Ask point blank,​ how they obtain their leads .​
If you​ don’t like the​ answers you​ receive,​ than move onto the​ next company,​ there are enough of​ them .​
It’s that simple.
Always remember,​ if​ you​ are not happy with customer service,​ than more than likely,​ you​ will not be happy with leads.

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