Mortgage Leads Choosing The Best Option

Mortgage Leads Choosing The Best Option

Mortgage Leads,​ Choosing the​ Best Option
Mortgage Leads,​ Choosing the​ Best Option
When it​ comes to​ buying mortgage leads,​ there are many good companies out there for you​ to​ research,​ and many avenues to​ travel down when considering which lead type will work best for you.
While working as​ a​ loan officer,​ I​ dealt with my fair share of​ mortgage lead companies .​
Along the​ way,​ I​ bought my leads in​ bulk,​ I​ bought them fresh,​ and I​ bought them with a​ live transfer.
Researching lead companies is​ an​ important aspect when deciding to​ invest in​ one,​ but lets be honest with each other,​ we really don’t know what we are getting until we begin to​ purchase them.
When I​ would purchase my leads in​ bulk,​ I​ would take $100.00 of​ my hard earned money,​ find what I​ believed to​ be the​ best cherry-picking site out there,​ and by about fifty leads at​ $2.00 each.
Now I​ know that you​ get what you​ pay for,​ and my goal was to​ close two at​ the​ most,​ and at​ the​ very least,​ one .​
Over the​ years this approach would occasionally pay off,​ but I​ had the​ feeling of​ working harder,​ and not smarter.
The next approach I​ took a​ shot at​ was the​ purchase of​ real time leads,​ or​ fresh leads .​
I​ would take that same hard earned $100.00 and receive approximately three to​ five fresh leads consisting of​ purchase leads and refinance.
These leads I​ did not cherry pick,​ I​ would set up a​ filter before hand .​
The filter would be specific to​ state,​ type of​ loan,​ credit,​ ltv,​ loan amount .​
When a​ lead came in​ and matched my filter,​ it​ would be stream lined directly to​ my e-mail account,​ and it​ would be roughly ten minutes old .​
I​ had a​ lot of​ success with these leads,​ but continued to​ keep all of​ my options open.
The other type of​ lead I​ decided to​ take a​ shot at​ was the​ live transfer lead .​
I​ believed this to​ be a​ wonderful concept,​ and a​ very efficient way of​ obtaining leads and increasing my applications.
I basically sat at​ my desk and waited for the​ lead company to​ transfer customers to​ me by way of​ the​ telephone .​
Sometimes this worked and sometimes it​ didn’t .​
The problem was,​ there was no guarantee that I​ was going to​ answer the​ phone .​
I​ worked in​ an​ office with ten other loan officers,​ if​ I​ stepped away from my desk,​ they would end up in​ my voice mailbox,​ or​ if​ the​ phone went unanswered,​ the​ potential customer would hang up .​
It is​ pointless to​ go into further detail,​ I​ think you​ get the​ picture,​ the​ live transfer at​ times could be a​ mess .​
Again,​ I​ felt as​ though I​ was working harder and not smarter.
Before investing with mortgage lead companies,​ make sure you​ do your home work thoroughly .​
Read the​ companies terms of​ service,​ find out what their return policy is,​ call and speak with a​ representative,​ ask about a​ free trial .​
Does it​ consist of​ a​ free lead or​ some type of​ credit toward your first deposit? If they are confident in​ the​ quality of​ their leads,​ than they should not have a​ problem accommodating you.
I have had,​ and know loan officers who have had success with all of​ the​ above mentioned lead type scenarios .​
Some may work for you​ and some may not .​
But remember,​ if​ you​ find yourself working too hard to​ make the​ lead work for you,​ consider a​ different type of​ lead!

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