Mortgage Crisis Not A Problem For Internet Marketing Companies

Mortgage Crisis Not A Problem For Internet Marketing Companies

Mortgage Crisis Not a​ Problem For Internet Marketing Companies
The recent slump in​ the​ mortgage industry has left some wondering whether or​ not top mortgage lenders will be able to​ afford to​ spend money on​ Internet advertising .​

Mortgage lenders have traditionally been some of​ the​ biggest spenders in​ terms of​ search engine marketing,​ or​ SEO services,​ and the​ good news for them,​ as​ well as​ the​ consumers who rely on​ them for home loans,​ is​ that revenue put towards paid ad spending,​ article marketing,​ and other SEO related services has shown no evidence of​ ceasing or​ decreasing .​
Advertising based on​ web search allows marketers to​ tout their services to​ people when they look for information and track the​ response to​ such commercial messages,​ said Google’s Jon Kaplan in​ a​ recent Reuter’s report .​
As a​ result,​ it​ (SEO) remains a​ key outlet for mortgage lenders to​ cultivate new business leads.
Google’s largest mortgage industry advertisers reportedly spent upwards of​ $3.5 million apiece on​ search engine ads in​ the​ first quarter .​

Tim Armstrong,​ president of​ Google’s North American advertising division,​ explains that even if​ a​ market may be weak,​ the​ need for certain services,​ like mortgage lenders,​ never really decreases .​

SEO and Internet marketing services make it​ easier for current and perspective homeowners to​ find one another,​ by increasing the​ page rank,​ or​ results page position,​ of​ a​ particular mortgage lender,​ realtor,​ or​ referral service .​
The accessibility,​ and popularity of​ Internet-based searches drive the​ lenders,​ and the​ SEO-based companies,​ to​ create well thought out campaigns that can withstand both the​ highs and lows of​ the​ ever-changing mortgage climate.
Every single day that someone is​ looking for a​ mortgage,​ Armstrong explains,​ these campaigns from these financial customers are on​ 24 hours 7 days,​ 365 days a​ year.

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