Morning Bars Add Luxury To The Bedroom

Imagine waking up to​ the​ smell of​ fresh-brewed coffee,​ just feet away from your bed,​ or​ grabbing an​ ice-cold beverage and a​ late-night snack without ever leaving the​ comfort of​ your bedroom.

Forget the​ walk-in closet and the​ master bath; the​ morning bar is​ one of​ the​ hottest new home amenities. the​ typical morning bar includes a​ sink and faucet,​ small refrigerator,​ drawer dishwasher and small counter to​ hold appliances such as​ a​ coffee maker,​ espresso machine or​ even a​ microwave oven.

"Enriching the​ master bedroom with a​ morning bar reinforces the​ idea of​ a​ sumptuous retreat,​ rather than just a​ place to​ sleep and relax,​" said Margie Rowe,​ senior target market manager for ShowHouse by Moen.

The morning bar is​ part of​ a​ growing consumer phenomenon referred to​ as​ "trading up,​" which indicates that people are willing to​ pay extra for luxury items.

Last year American consumers spent $400 billion on​ luxury items that included everything from upscale cars to​ lavish home accessories,​ according to​ the​ book "Trading Up: the​ New American Luxury" by Boston Consulting Group Senior Vice President Michael Silverstein and Bath & Body Works CEO Neil Fiske.

The challenge for designers is​ tastefully blending a​ minibar into a​ room without calling too much attention to​ the​ fact that it's actually a​ "mini-kitchen." Here are a​ few of​ their strategies:

* Cabinetry: Dark woods with recessed or​ raised arch accents create a​ feeling of​ warmth and security,​ while lighter-colored wood cabinets can brighten up and invigorate the​ space.

* Faucet and sink: "The more popular faucet designs for morning bars are those with an​ elegant,​ traditional feel that enhance a​ refined decorating style,​ such as​ ShowHouse by Moen's Waterhill Collection,​" Rowe said. "The high-arc,​ single-handle faucet in​ an​ oil rubbed bronze finish has a​ warm feel that complements and blends into the​ color schemes of​ many on-trend master suites."

* Appliances: Appliances sized appropriately to​ the​ space are key to​ maximizing the​ benefits of​ the​ morning bar. a​ gourmet coffee press,​ espresso maker or​ juicer provide the​ right touch for a​ luxurious morning. a​ wine-chilling drawer will ensure that bottles will always be ready for drinking at​ the​ perfect temperature. And a​ small refrigerator will keep fruits,​ juices and creamers handy. Wood panels ensure that drawer-sized dishwashers and mini-refrigerators blend into the​ existing cabinetry.

* Lighting: in​ many cases,​ track lighting typically found in​ the​ kitchen is​ being strategically placed in​ the​ morning bar area,​ along with skylights that open up and add height to​ the​ space.

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