Mississippi Child Support Laws The Magnolia State

Mississippi Child Support Laws The Magnolia State

Mississippi Child Support Laws
The child support enforcement office is​ able to​ assist custodial parents in​ locating a​ non-custodial parent,​ enforcing child support,​ establish paternity,​ and any other assistance the​ custodial parents may need.

When applying for Mississippi child support services,​ the​ first step you need to​ take is​ to​ call or​ visit your local county child support office. Custodial parents who are on​ programs such as​ TANF or​ any other state or​ federal assistance will be referred to​ a​ child support office for services. Parents who are not on​ these programs can apply for child support services through their local county office. a​ one-time application fee of​ $25.00 will be charged for parents who are not receiving federal or​ state assistance.

When determining the​ amount of​ child support that will be paid,​ the​ laws will go by the​ child support guidelines. These guidelines will determine the​ amount of​ child support by calculating a​ percentage of​ the​ non-custodial parent’s gross income. This percentages is​ also calculated by the​ number of​ children,​ and the​ needs of​ the​ children.

Mississippi Child Support Enforcement
Some parents fall behind or​ just will not pay child support. we​ label these people as​ dead beat parents. in​ the​ state of​ Mississippi,​ there are methods to​ collecting unpaid child support. Theses methods include income withholding,​ tax offset interception,​ unemployment compensation interception,​ contempt actions,​ etc. These action were created for the​ purpose to​ enforce child support payments.

Establishing Paternity
If a​ child is​ born out of​ wedlock,​ the​ custodial parents must first establish paternity in​ order for the​ courts to​ establish a​ child support order. By establishing paternity,​ the​ child will know who his or​ her parents and their medical history. Paternity can be established when both parents sign an​ acknowledgement of​ paternity form and return it​ to​ a​ hospital staff member when the​ child is​ born. There will not be a​ fee for this method. Another method to​ establish paternity,​ is​ to​ have a​ genetic test performed on​ the​ other parent to​ see if​ he is​ the​ father of​ the​ child/children. Establishing paternity is​ very important when applying for child support. it​ is​ also important to​ locate and make sure you have proof that the​ alleged father is​ the​ real father of​ you child/children.

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Mississippi Child Support Laws The Magnolia State

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