Mini Law Of Attraction T Tool

Mini Law Of Attraction T Tool 1

If I could offer only one tool,​ one exercise to​ help you attract more of​ what you want,​ it​ would be the​ Law of​ Attraction T-ToolTM. Each week I receive emails from people who have attracted their ideal job,​ mate,​ home or​ experience through this simple tool. Thousands of​ people have learned the​ value of​ this exercise.

Do you have a​ desire that is​ not yet realized? Are you experiencing confusion around a​ given subject? Are you afraid you'll get something you don't want? if​ so,​ then here's how you can benefit from doing a​ Law of​ Attraction T-ToolTM:

1. Pick a​ subject that you want clarity about or​ want to​ feel better about. Be creative in​ your subject title. Instead of​ calling it​ "My Ideal Client" try something like: "Clients I have the​ most fun working with" or​ "This type of​ client knocks my sock off!"

2. Using a​ blank sheet of​ paper,​ draw a​ large letter "T" on​ the​ page. Label the​ left column,​ "I don't like..." and the​ right column,​ "I do like..."

3. Begin on​ the​ left side,​ by asking yourself: What don't I like in​ regard to​ this subject? Think of​ as​ may things as​ you can. Don't stop at​ two or​ three--aim for 20 items or​ more. This will remove low frequency vibrations that slow down or​ block you from receiving what you DO like.

4. Now,​ take each item and ask yourself,​ "If I don't like this,​ what DO I like?" And write your answer using the​ BEST words you can find.

The Mini T-ToolTM:
Recently,​ I was working with a​ student who is​ in​ the​ midst of​ a​ career change. One item in​ her "I don't like..." column was: "A crazy boss." I let her continue to​ tell me about other things she did not like or​ want in​ her new job,​ and then I asked her to​ explain what a​ "crazy boss" looks like--I was picturing someone wearing a​ white lab coat with wild hair sticking out in​ every direction and wide eyes popping out of​ their face. She said,​ "A 'crazy boss' is​ someone who doesn't let you do what he asks you to​ do. Someone who is​ looking over your shoulder every minute and micromanages your assignment."

I thought to​ myself,​ "This isn't what I pictured!" So we​ did a​ little T-ToolTM on​ what she didn't like and did like in​ a​ supervisor. When we​ finished,​ she said,​ "Whew! I knew I was going to​ attract a​ 'crazy boss' if​ I kept thinking about it,​ now I know what I DO want in​ a​ boss and I can keep my attention on​ THAT."

Take a​ look at​ your T-ToolTM. is​ there something in​ either column that is​ too general or​ could be interpreted in​ different ways? if​ your terminology is​ confusing to​ someone else,​ the​ Law of​ Attraction will be confused too. Ask yourself,​ "Is this specific enough?" And see if​ you can do a​ Mini T-ToolTM. Doing several Minis will give you even MORE clarity.

Mini Law Of Attraction T Tool

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