Mindfulness And Mental Health Improvement

Mindfulness And Mental Health Improvement

What's going on​ in​ your head? Until you​ know,​ there can be all sorts of​ problems. Uncorrectable problems. you​ can't fix a​ problem that you​ don't see,​ right? That is​ where mindfulness comes in. Mindfulness and mental health are intimately connected.

Your mind is​ busy in​ there right now,​ talking about all sorts of​ things. it​ may be telling you​ that you​ are tired of​ your job,​ or​ that you​ are a​ victim of​ circumstance. it​ may be running through a​ list of​ all the​ things you​ need to​ be doing. it​ may be saying all the​ wrong things,​ and yet you​ may hear none of​ it. you​ may just feel a​ slight anxiety building as​ your day goes on.

When I first learned how to​ do basic mindfulness exercises,​ I was amazed. I found that whole conversations were going on​ just below consciousness. Not only was it​ interesting to​ see,​ but the​ most amazing part was that I could now often end feelings of​ worry or​ anxiety. All I had to​ do was stop and watch my mind until I found the​ cause.

Yes,​ it​ actually is​ often that simple. if​ you​ forgot to​ write down an​ appointment,​ for example,​ it​ may be bothering you​ for hours. as​ soon as​ you​ see that,​ you​ write it​ down and you​ feel relaxed again. if​ an​ argument is​ playing and replaying subconsciously in​ your mind and stressing you​ out,​ often just bringing it​ to​ consciousness will make you​ laugh and dismiss it.

Mindfulness And Long Term Mental Health

Don't underestimate the​ power of​ short term happiness and good thoughts to​ influence the​ course of​ your mental health over the​ longer term. Resolve anxieties and stresses now,​ and regularly,​ and you'll be healthier,​ and you'll be developing good habits. Good feelings now lead to​ good feelings in​ the​ future,​ and habits are what we need for any long term results.

As for the​ big problems,​ mindfulness is​ a​ way to​ see them more clearly for what they are. as​ you​ get better at​ tuning into your own subconscious mind,​ you​ will start to​ see patterns. I found,​ for example,​ that my mind was mulling over and worrying about all the​ possible choices in​ decisions that weren't made. it​ caused me endless stress.

Seeing this clearly,​ finally recognizing how destructive this habit of​ indecisiveness was,​ lead me to​ change. I started making decisions more quickly,​ just to​ try a​ new way. I immediately experienced how stress diminishes once a​ decision is​ made. My habits began to​ change,​ and I was getting more done with less anxiety.

The most basic mindfulness exercise is​ to​ just sit quietly and start paying attention to​ everything going on​ in​ your body and mind. of​ course this can be difficult if​ you've never done it,​ and this article isn't a​ how-to. This is​ just to​ make the​ case that it's worth learning. There is​ definitely a​ connection between mindfulness and mental health.

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