Mauritius Luxury Holidays At Dinarobin Golf And Spa Hotel

Mauritius 5 star Luxury Holidays are the​ choice of​ tens of​ thousands of​ holidaymakers every year,​ and this number is​ rising rapidly. it​ is​ about an​ eleven hour flight from most European departure cities to​ this Indian Ocean Hideaway.

Some people choose the​ Dinarobin Golf and Spa Hotel,​ and there must be some good reasons that make them choose this hotel for their package holiday in​ Mauritius. Indeed Dinarobin has become a​ popular destination for a​ Mauritius honeymoon as​ well as​ a​ Mauritius package holiday.

Perhaps it​ is​ the​ scenery,​ because the​ exclusive resort of​ Dinarobin,​ which has excellent facilities,​ is​ surrounded by dramatic scenery and sits adjacent to​ over four miles of​ immaculate white sand beach. There is​ excellent diving here,​ and the​ resort of​ Dinarobin is​ a​ great place for couples so well suited if​ you are planning a​ honeymoon in​ Mauritius.

You will find the​ Dinarobin Golf and Spa Hotel on​ the​ very attractive south west corner of​ Mauritius,​ with Le Morne mountain making a​ great backdrop,​ and it​ is​ about a​ one hour drive from the​ airport.

The hotel consists of​ a​ series of​ thatched villas in​ tropical gardens facing the​ beautiful beach. Each villa has between two and six suites.

Each suite at​ Dinarobin has a​ large and private verandah,​ and is​ furnished with natural wood and bamboo.

When it​ comes to​ recreation,​ there are a​ huge number of​ things to​ do on​ land and water. These include the​ following free activities: Water skiing,​ windsurfing,​ use of​ kayaks,​ pedal boats,​ glass bottom boat trips,​ snorkelling,​ on​ and under the​ water.

There are also three tennis courts,​ a​ fitness centre,​ sauna and steam,​ again all complimentary.

Also available,​ although you do have to​ pay are scuba diving,​ deep sea fishing,​ golf on​ an​ eighteen hole international standard course at​ the​ sister hotel the​ Paradis which is​ next door,​ and there is​ a​ 24 hour shuttle service between the​ two hotels. the​ golf course whilst not demanding for the​ expert,​ is​ nevertheless well kept,​ and very attractive,​ plus the​ fact it​ isn’t that expensive!!

Dinarobin also has Mountain biking as​ a​ paid extra for those who insist upon exercise on​ their honeymoon or​ luxury 5 star vacation in​ Mauritius.

The Dinarobin is​ a​ hotel that positively welcomes children,​ and there is​ a​ mini club for the​ 3-12 year olds and tennis,​ water sports,​ and golf coaching for the​ teenagers as​ well as​ a​ games room. For those people with small children there is​ also a​ paid baby sitting service so you can enjoy the​ three restaurants with this reassurance.

The children’s club is​ very well staffed,​ well structured,​ and plenty to​ keep the​ children amused. They can eat lunch there with the​ staff,​ and this costs about £10,​ then dinner is​ free,​ with good menu choices. it​ stays open until 11pm.

This leaves parents free to​ eat alone,​ and the​ buffer restaurant is​ popular with a​ different theme every night of​ the​ week. Excellent dining should be a​ feature of​ any Luxury Holiday and Dinarobin in​ Mauritius makes it​ a​ feature.

L’Harmonie is​ open for all meals and has themed evenings. Saveurs des Iles is​ a​ fusion of​ French & Mauritian and is​ open six nights a​ week,​ and Le Morne Plage on​ the​ beach opens for lunch and a​ few ‘Lobster Evenings’. Guests can also eat at​ the​ sister hotel Le Paradis

One of​ the​ outstanding features of​ your holiday in​ Mauritius at​ the​ Dinarobin,​ especially for the​ bone idle who like to​ relax is​ the​ top class Clarins Spa,​ and that is​ not to​ forget the​ beauty salon for the​ ladies.

The senior suites are especially worthwhile at​ the​ Dinarobin,​ and they have the​ added touches which can make or​ break a​ luxury holiday in​ Mauritius,​ and it​ is​ worth exploring all the​ options with your travel agent to​ get the​ best possible price for your package holiday. There are enormous price variations,​ and with some online research as​ well you’ll be surprised at​ the​ deals that are possible to​ bring a​ senior suite within your reach,​ especially if​ you are choosing Mauritius and the​ Dinarobin for your honeymoon vacation.

The Senior Suites are lovely,​ large,​ plenty of​ space,​ with a​ walk in​ shower in​ the​ bathroom,​ and right next to​ the​ beach,​ so if​ you are on​ the​ ground floor you can walk straight out onto the​ beach.

There is​ a​ separate club for those guests in​ a​ senior suite,​ and you can choose to​ take breakfast,​ lunch,​ afternoon tea,​ and then drinks before dinner which are free,​ including champagne,​ and canapés. the​ free drinks helps you make quite a​ saving compared to​ buying drinks in​ the​ hotel itself.

The Dinarobin is​ a​ year round destination although tropical storms can occur between November and April,​ and there will be cool winds from June to​ September. You can have a​ very worthwhile Mauritius Luxury Holiday here.

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