Mauritius 5 Star Luxury Holidays

Mauritius 5 Star Luxury Holidays

The idyllic Indian Ocean island continues to​ be the​ place to​ go for those searching for un-diluted luxury holidays in​ Mauritius; a​ stunning setting with excellent,​ unobtrusive service.

The islands diverse range of​ hotels really does mean there is​ something for everyone. There are 3 star all inclusives,​ in​ excellent locations,​ offering a​ range of​ accommodations,​ and activities. Some larger 4 star resorts offer excellent suite and family accommodation,​ and more spacious grounds,​ greater choice of​ dining,​ and a​ wider range of​ sporting (and relaxing) activities!

Mauritius sparkles when it​ comes to​ offering five star luxury. Whether it’s a​ small boutique hotel with superb spa and dining facilities,​ or​ expansive resorts with simply breathtaking villas you are sure to​ find something for your taste. They all have a​ range of​ restaurants,​ sports and beaches offering the​ most discerning clients the​ purest of​ luxuries.

Spas in​ Mauritius are really getting a​ name for themselves. Clarins’ have a​ number of​ luxury spa’s across the​ island,​ all in​ stunning locations guaranteeing a​ unique experience. You can spend a​ whole afternoon being thoroughly pampered and then relax on​ a​ sun lounger next to​ the​ spa pool. the​ intimate restaurants of​ these hotels ensures that your dining experience is​ not only one of​ five star food,​ but also very private to​ yourself and your travelling companions.

Most hotels offer superb children’s activities with miniclubs at​ the​ majority of​ resorts. Sports including tennis,​ golf,​ waterskiing,​ and sailing. Snorkelling and glass bottom boat trips are also popular,​ and smaller children can often be found beachcombing in​ the​ calm,​ clear,​ warm waters surrounding the​ island. Children of​ all nationalities congregate at​ the​ mini clubs,​ with ease and excitement,​ activities include the​ usual drawing and painting sessions,​ but combine treasure hunts,​ walks along the​ beach,​ swimming and tennis lessons. Dining for children is​ as​ special as​ it​ is​ for adults,​ with their own dedicated menus,​ dinging tables and chairs,​ and often area of​ the​ restaurants!

Weddings and honeymoons in​ Mauritius are all individual and very beautiful. Some choose to​ get married on​ the​ beach,​ or​ in​ the​ lush tropical gardens surrounding each of​ the​ hotels. Weddings can be arranged for just the​ two of​ you,​ or​ for a​ whole party,​ many travelling from around the​ world. They generally take place in​ the​ afternoon and so your wedding photographs have a​ stunning backdrop of​ the​ sun setting over the​ Indian Ocean. Honeymoons are idyllic,​ with the​ immediate effect of​ relaxation on​ arrival; it​ is​ the​ location that most honeymoon clients crave. Sunset walks along the​ beaches on​ the​ west of​ the​ island are simply unforgettable. Beautifully decorated rooms,​ with private terraces or​ balconies,​ intimate dining,​ secluded beaches,​ and excellent services are really what every honeymooner deserves.

Beachcomber offers a​ number of​ hotels in​ Mauritius offering a​ range of​ locations,​ accommodations and facilities. They can package up the​ whole holiday including direct flights with British Airways,​ Virgin or​ Air Mauritius. Combination holidays can also be arranged to​ include Southern Africa,​ Dubai,​ Oman,​ Abu Dhabi and the​ Seychelles.

Mauritius 5 Star Luxury Holidays

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