Massage Therapy And Stress Relief

Massage Therapy And Stress Relief

Massage Therapy and​ Stress Relief
While the​ practice of​ therapeutic massage has been used for centuries in​ the​ east,​ it​ is​ a​ relatively recent phenomenon here in​ the​ west. ​
While the​ wonders of​ modern medicine have left many awestruck,​ more and​ more people are looking towards complimentary therapies and​ noninvasive treatments for their ailments. ​
Massage therapy has never been as​ popular as​ it​ is​ today in​ America.
A number of​ studies have shown that massage therapy is​ a​ highly effective stress reduction technique. ​
An earlier study,​ conducted by the​ University of​ Miami Medical School and​ published in​ the​ Journal of​ the​ American Academy of​ Child Adolescent Psychiatry,​ suggested that children receiving 30 minutes of​ therapeutic massage daily were less depressed and​ anxious than they were at ​ the​ time of​ their admittance.
This particular study also observed marked differences in​ the​ health and​ behavior of​ the​ children in​ the​ test group,​ over the​ children in​ the​ control group. ​
the​ nurses taking part in​ the​ study also noted that the​ children were more cooperative,​ and​ were able to​ achieve a​ higher level of​ sleep quality. ​
on​ the​ biological level,​ the​ children in​ the​ control group exhibited lower levels of​ cortisol a​ stress hormone in​ their saliva and​ in​ their urine. ​
it​ quickly became evident to​ researchers that massage can play a​ significant role in​ stress reduction.
It is​ highly encouraging that both the​ medical establishment and​ the​ general public are starting to​ realize the​ impact that stress can have on​ an individuals health and​ well being. ​
Some physicians and​ researchers have suggested that stress is​ responsible for over 75% of​ all disease in​ the​ western world,​ including skin disorders,​ high blood pressure,​ headaches,​ digestive ailments,​ muscle pain,​ and​ depression. ​
By employing the​ ageold techniques of​ massage therapy,​ there exists the​ distinct possibility of​ overcoming these terrible afflictions. ​

The eminent Victorian physician,​ Dr. ​
Stretch Dowse,​ noted the​ following back in​ 1887 the​ mind,​ which before massage is​ in​ a​ perturbed,​ restless,​ vacillating and,​ even despondent state,​ becomes after massage,​ calm,​ quiet,​ peaceful and​ subdued; in​ fact,​ the​ wearied and​ worried mind has been converted into a​ mind restful,​ placid,​ and​ refreshed. ​
While modern medicine is​ full of​ promise in​ certain areas,​ it​ is​ not wise to​ ignore the​ knowledge and​ insights of​ the​ past. ​
Massage therapy has helped countless people cope with the​ stress of​ modern life. ​
it​ could help you,​ too.

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