Marriage How To Avoid Work Stress Hurt Your Marriage

Marriage How To Avoid Work Stress Hurt Your Marriage

Work stress plays a​ very major role in​ hurting married life. Most of​ the​ men and women bring their stress home and play havoc with their married life. the​ stress spills over at​ home and creates further stress. Home should be used to​ dissolve the​ work stress. Home should be the​ place to​ relax and get comfort. Home should be the​ place where we get rid of​ the​ stress that we bring from outside. But opposite happens. Let us discuss how to​ avoid this and keep our home protected from any such stresses. Let us also discuss how home can help us fight these stresses.

The very first question should be - What is​ more important? Married life or​ work life? New work /job can be found,​ but getting another person to​ marry will be difficult. What about after retirement? Who will be with us- our spouse or​ our company? We never think about these issues. For us the​ stress at​ that moment is​ the​ center of​ our life. Our mind is​ occupied with that stress. Therefore when we reach home,​ we are ready to​ speak harshly,​ blame family members,​ showing irritation and express our frustration in​ many other ways.

Ideally,​ when we reach home,​ we should tell our spouse about the​ stress and ask help to​ get over it. He/she will find ways to​ comfort us. Prepare a​ comforting hot bath,​ putting on​ light music or​ your favorite television show. We should make our family a​ partner in​ our stress and not blame them for contributing to​ our work woes,​ because that is​ generally not the​ truth. a​ marriage can be a​ great cure for stressed life. it​ is​ not the​ place where you​ go and put all your blames. Bringing balance in​ life is​ most important. Make your marriage work for you. Don’t let your work damage your marriage.

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