Marketing A Website Via Ezine Article

Marketing A Website Via Ezine Article

The purpose of​ this brief article is​ to​ solicit some traffic to​ my website as​ a​ disabled author,​ of​ little means,​ I am unable to​ pour in​ the​ massive dollars necessary to​ make my thriller~mystery novel For Sale By Owners:FSBO a​ bestseller. Okay,​ so maybe it​ isn’t bestseller material anyway? I have posted some Chapter Samples there to​ allow potential book buyers to​ taste some of​ the​ flavor and meet several of​ my major characters.

On my website,​ visitors should find some features of​ interest,​ even if​ they do not wish to​ order my novel from Amazon,​ Barnes & Noble,​ or​ anywhere else. in​ addition to​ Free Reprint Articles,​ information on​ Multiple Sclerosis,​ disabilities,​ and links to​ related sites and groups are included.

And,​ yes,​ there is​ purchase information on​ my other two “Out of​ Print” poetry books,​ Beacon© and Imperfections© which I am told have become “Collector’s items.” Again,​ some of​ my poetry and songs are on​ the​ site to​ read ~ if​ one so chooses.

I grew up in​ a​ logging camp in​ Eastern Oregon,​ Izee. it​ is​ long gone but my memory of​ Izee is​ yet with me. I have begun to​ write a​ book about my youthful adventures,​ “IZEE ~ Growing up in​ a​ Logging Camp,​” and have included some early chapters under the​ website heading “Work in​ Progress.” Other authors have barrowed from these to​ include in​ their own works. My Developing Spiritual Understanding is​ here also.

There are true Crime Victim’s Accounts now,​ and there will likely be more. Guest authors are invited to​ submit material to​ be considered for inclusion.

There is​ even a​ promotional banner inviting those who wish to​ make some money which is​ worth clicking. I bought into the​ program and I am most delighted. With all of​ other the​ “Internet business” opportunities that I have invested,​ I have been disappointed. With this one,​ I’m not. Check it​ out!

I do ask for feedback from visiters but must request that any comments be sent to​ as​ my e-mail and contact connections at​ the​ website do not always function properly ~ due to​ my inexperience at​ being a​ so called webmaster. I will get better. in​ the​ meentime,​ I do not want to​ miss what you​ have to​ say.

I realize it​ might be unusual to​ make a​ blatant request for visitors. Yet,​ I have learned that honesty is​ an​ asset,​ which always has served me well in​ my varied pursuits. if​ this article is​ successful in​ generating traffic,​ I will write another ezine article and post it​ to​ that effect.

Thank you,​

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