Marketing Trust For Mortgage Professionals

To succeed in​ the​ mortgage industry,​ get used to​ meeting people. Referrals from people who know you​ and business from Realtors will make up at​ least half closed loans. And no matter how good you​ are,​ if​ people don’t have some reason to​ trust you,​ they’re not going to​ call.

“Real estate is​ a​ contact sport,​” said Realtor Barbara Anderson.

She and her husband Ron are the​ owners and instructors of​ Success Real Estate Academy in​ Prescott,​ Arizona. According to​ Barbara Anderson there are some specific steps you​ can take that will keep you​ on​ their radar and building revenue:
• Be really,​ really good at​ what you​ do. According to​ Anderson,​ this means communication,​ competitive rates and consistent excellence. While Anderson and her colleagues can’t by law refer their customers to​ you,​ they do provide them with a​ list of​ three mortgage professionals. you​ have to​ be a​ star to​ get on​ that list. Nothing else will work. “I tell my students that they need to​ get out and interview them,​” she said of​ choosing which mortgage professionals they’ll work with.
• Offer classes. Anderson says that she often has mortgage professionals speak at​ her school. Many of​ them will end up on​ the​ lists of​ the​ fledgling Realtors. Focus on​ subjects that enhance their professional lives. Topics that tap your expertise to​ show them how to​ save money,​ make more money or​ attract more clients are all winners.
• Join a​ Realtor’s association in​ your area. Like marketing frequency,​ the​ more times Realtors and escrow professionals see you,​ the​ more likely it​ is​ that you’ll come to​ mind when their list comes up for review. if​ you​ can,​ go the​ extra mile and offer to​ host a​ meeting. According to​ Anderson,​ mortgage professionals prove that they’re helpful,​ congenial and accountable by the​ way they show up amongst their peers. “It’s just being there for them,​” she said.
• Grow your supply of​ testimonials. Another way to​ tap the​ power of​ who you​ know is​ to​ collect testimonials from your clients. Most people will lend far more credence to​ another person’s description of​ their experience with you​ than with your own assertions of​ excellence. Put the​ testimonials on​ your website,​ your brochures,​ your mailings and even on​ your business cards. a​ time-saving way to​ collect testimonials from all of​ your clients is​ to​ program an​ email request into your customer relationship management (CRM) software. That way,​ testimonial gathering,​ like all of​ the​ other tasks automatically managed and executed with your CRM,​ is​ a​ zero-work,​ high-yield proposition. if​ you’re still shopping for CRM,​ consider one geared specifically for mortgage professionals.

Taking advantage of​ service opportunities and association memberships has skyrocketed the​ revenue and credibility of​ more than a​ few mortgage professionals. According to​ Ron Anderson,​ it’s the​ most important thing they can do after establishing professional excellence.

“Their reputation makes a​ big difference,​ just like Realtors and doctors,​” he said.

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