Many Complaints But Yet Reliable Murray Lawn Mowers

Many Complaints But Yet Reliable Murray Lawn Mowers

The Murray lawn mowers owners are a​ harried lot. There are many complaints with Murray lawn mowers and not all of​ them are attended to. You might learn the​ positive points and negative points about Murray lawn Mowers

Incomplete Information On Murray Web Site

Murray web site is​ stingy about information on​ its own product. the​ information on​ the​ lawn mowers is​ not more than three or​ four sentences on​ each product. With such stinginess,​ it​ is​ no wonder that the​ product does not get a​ proper publicity and the​ result is​ reduced sale of​ product. Add to​ this number of​ complaints and the​ result is​ a​ dissatisfied consumer.

More Negative Than Positive - Murray Lawn mowers

Murray lawn mowers do not seem to​ enjoy a​ market reputation for better product. Many product recalls and many consumer complaints seems to​ tarnish reputation of​ Murray lawn mowers. Consumer safety products commission takes up the​ cases of​ the​ dissatisfied consumers and it​ has recently given instructions for recall of​ number of​ Murray products.

Recent Recalls of​ Murray Lawn Mowers

Recently about 17 models of​ Murray lawn mowers were recalled on​ the​ orders of​ Consumer safety products commission. the​ case related to​ the​ safety of​ Murray lawn mowers and possibility of​ injury to​ the​ person working on​ lawn mower or​ just standing nearby.

The recall involved 20-,​ 21-,​ and 22-inch walk-behind lawn mowers and some 30-inch mid-engine riding lawn mowers. 38-,​ 40-,​ 42-,​ and 46-inch lawn tractors 46-inch garden tractors were also recalled by the​ company.

The problem was related to​ the​ plastic components of​ the​ lawn mowers that cracked when struck by the​ objects thrown by the​ blade. These parts could be ejected from the​ lawn mower completely unexpectedly and the​ nearby consumer could be injured. as​ of​ now no complaints have been received by the​ commission regarding the​ injury but the​ recall was initiated all the​ same to​ avoid possible injuries.

The total units recalled were about 8o00 numbers

One thing to​ be said positive about Murray Inc. was that it​ co-operated with commission and recalled the​ defective lawn mowers even before the​ chances of​ injury became a​ reality.

Consumer Complaints About Murray Lawn Mowers

Consumer complaint sites are replete with complaints about Murray lawn mowers. the​ major complaints were regarding

* Part non-availability: Number of​ persons reported that parts of​ Murray lawn mowers were not easily available in​ the​ market. This meant that the​ machines were not available to​ the​ users for quite a​ long time after having spent lots of​ dollars in​ purchasing the​ lawn mowers.

* Incomplete information the​ web site states that the​ best place for spare parts is​ the​ local dealer but fails to​ give the​ addresses of​ the​ local dealers. the​ web site gives the​ addresses of​ many countries but fails to​ give the​ list of​ USA Service centers

* Substandard parts: Many consumers have complained that the​ parts of​ Murray broke down and made the​ product useless. the​ non-availability of​ the​ spares added to​ the​ problems of​ consumers.

Once you have a​ dissatisfied customer,​ you have a​ negative publicity,​ any consumer who says that he/she will not purchase Murray products in​ lifetime finds many friends,​ and the​ result is​ bad publicity for the​ company.

Many Complaints But Yet Reliable Murray Lawn Mowers

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