Manifestation And The Law Of Attraction

Manifestation And The Law Of Attraction

Yes,​ you can have anything your heart desires through applying the​ universal law of​ attraction. However,​ the​ key is​ to​ really be in​ touch with your Higher Self in​ order for your true heart’s desire to​ manifest for you on​ a​ conscious level. if​ a​ desire comes to​ you which is​ primarily revealed only through your personal ego – your lower self – without actual guidance from your Higher Self,​ then this desire has a​ lesser chance of​ manifesting.

How then do you tap into that part of​ you which is​ in​ touch with your Higher Self ? the​ key is​ through meditation. By stilling the​ body and the​ mind and allowing your Higher consciousness to​ flow through you in​ order to​ guide and direct your true desires. Turning your energies inward and closing off all outside distractions allows you to​ focus your attention on​ your Higher consciousness which resides at​ the​ center of​ your mind.

Now,​ once you are in​ touch and aligned with your true heart’s desire as​ revealed by your Higher Self,​ you can begin to​ apply various manifestation concepts to​ nourish your desire and bring it​ into fruition.

This is​ where the​ fun really begins!!!!

How to​ Manifest What You Truly Want For Your Life

Apply the​ following techniques in​ order to​ manifest your heart’s desire:

First,​ calm your body and your mind by sitting in​ a​ quiet place,​ close your eyes,​ and turn your attention inward and focus on​ your third eye between your eyebrows. Take 3 deep breaths-in through the​ nose and out through the​ mouth. as​ you exhale,​ repeat the​ sound of​ “aah.” Next,​ breathe in​ through your nose and exhale through your nose and focus on​ your breath. Do this 3 times. Now that your body and mind are relaxed,​ you can begin to​ visualize your desire as​ it​ is​ revealed to​ you.

Once you have experienced what you feel is​ a​ true desire,​ then you can begin to​ visualize this desire in​ great detail already fulfilled in​ your mind’s eye. Create a​ mental movie of​ this desire in​ as​ much detail as​ possible. Use all your senses to​ see,​ hear,​ touch,​ taste,​ and above all,​ feel,​ the​ end result in​ your mind’s eye.

Capture the​ feeling state associated with your desire. Would you feel strong,​ powerful,​love,​peace,​joy,​ having achieved your desire? the​ feeling state linked to​ the​ visualization fuels the​ flame to​ manifest your desire.

Practice these techniques on​ a​ regular basis and make miracles happen in​ your life!!!!

Manifestation And The Law Of Attraction

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