Managing Your Time To Eliminate Your Stressful Load

Managing Your Time To Eliminate Your Stressful Load

Mrs. Meredith Baxter,​ a​ sales manager in​ Sacramento,​ California is​ one stressed-out mom. on​ top of​ that,​ she suffers from what is​ called the​ “working-mom guilt syndrome.” She is​ always on​ client calls,​ overseeing a​ dozen sales agents. Her weekends are spent either doing household chores,​ running errands,​ or​ doing the​ laundry. Her three children have already grown distant. the​ husband,​ for his part,​ says they find her behavior similar to​ Oscar the​ Grouch from Sesame Street. They don't want to​ be near her because she was always ill-tempered or​ irritable.

But Mrs. Baxter is​ not a​ rare woman. in​ fact,​ she is​ a​ portrait of​ a​ 21st century working woman who has stepped forward... leaving behind the​ days when women were seen as​ “lovely,​ domesticated creatures.” She is​ definitely not the​ the “plain housewife” of​ the​ 50s or​ 60s.

Today,​ there are many women who have proved themselves in​ the​ field of​ education. After earning their degrees,​ they went ahead to​ make a​ mark for themselves in​ business and in​ other fields of​ endeavor.

For Meredith,​ the​ stress and anxiety of​ juggling three roles: as​ a​ wife,​ mother,​ and career woman --- has just been too hard. But in​ her desire to​ remain competitive at​ work and dutiful as​ a​ mother and spouse,​ she still tries to​ find a​ solution to​ her dilemma.

According to​ time management experts and professional organizers,​ we allow all sorts of​ time wasters to​ creep into our day. These interruptions include non-essential phone calls or​ being disorganized about things,​ which eventually cause us to​ lose time during that often frantic search. the​ experts also pointed out these time-saving tips that every busy woman should consider:

GET ORGANIZED AND STOP MISPLACING THINGS - Keep your cell phone,​ purse,​ and keys near you​ or​ inside your office bag so you​ won't need to​ do that 15-minute search every single morning.

CONTROL TIME WASTERS- Interruptions like the​ phone can be a​ real time drain. Those few minutes that you​ keep on​ the​ phone can add up to​ a​ lot of​ lost time. Free yourselves from this “communications slavery.” Use an​ answering machine and then turn off the​ ring tone of​ your mobile phone. Try to​ settle for a​ vibrate tone when you​ are working. Pick up and check your missed calls only during breaks or​ when you​ have completed most of​ your tasks.

TAKE CONTROL of​ YOUR INBOX - Email is​ one of​ the​ most important things in​ 21st century living. . But this handy-dandy technology can be a​ great time waster if​ those endless “Spam” mails keep coming in. Think of​ those precious minutes wasted every time you​ sort through unwanted or​ unimportant mail. Turn on​ the​ spam filter of​ your e-mail account. Tell your friends that you​ don't want junk mail. Answer and discard email as​ quickly as​ possible.

TAME YOUR SNAIL MAIL – Sort it​ out,​ get it​ over with,​ and don't allow your mail to​ pile up. Throw junk mail instantly. Put in​ a​ designated place and do away with paper clutter.

SIMPLIFY – Take a​ few minutes to​ review your projects and tasks. Make a​ priority list. See if​ can cut corners. Know what is​ essential and your main goal. Don't do 10 goals that will drive you​ crazy. Simplify your commitments and learn to​ say “NO”. Also simplify how you​ use and get information from the​ Internet,​ newspapers,​ magazines or​ the​ T.V. Practice the​ art of​ multi-tasking while waiting for your son to​ come home from school. While your child is​ away,​ write personal letters or​ balance your checkbook. Schedule your errands for the​ week like every Friday or​ Saturday.

If you​ find yourself at​ home or​ on​ your own,​ resist the​ urge to​ rush things as​ if​ there is​ no tomorrow. Spend as​ much quality time with your spouse and children. Resist spending your weekends just doing house work. Take time to​ meditate and best of​ all take time to​ pray. And yes...with those helpful tips you​ can beat the​ clock.

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