Managing Stress

Managing Stress

A growing number of​ women are experiencing the​ challenges of​ being a​ caregiver. Whether they're looking after children,​ elderly parents or​ a​ sick relative,​ the​ stress can take a​ physical toll on​ even the​ most hardy individuals.

The editors of​ Caring Today magazine offer these tips to​ work a​ little relief into busy schedules:

• Make time for a​ hobby. There's no need to​ feel guilty for taking time to​ have fun. Consider a​ hobby a​ tonic for your health. Paint a​ picture,​ knit a​ sweater,​ strum a​ guitar or​ hit a​ few golf balls.

• Take a​ 10-minute vacation. Can't go on​ that holiday you​ really need? Take a​ 10-minute fantasy vacation instead. Close your eyes and picture yourself in​ a​ place that makes you​ happy. Focus on​ the​ details-the sights,​ sounds,​ smells and feelings-to bring the​ scene alive.

• Try the​ tennis ball trick. For a​ quick mood boost,​ roll a​ tennis ball over tight muscles. But make sure you​ use a​ firm pressure-a light stroke stimulates instead of​ calms.

• Write out your worries. Telling your troubles to​ a​ friend can make you​ feel better. So can venting on​ paper. in​ fact,​ study after study suggests that jotting down your feelings about an​ upsetting situation relieves stress,​ boosts immunity and results in​ fewer visits to​ the​ doctor.

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